Good Hens Get Golden Product Placements, Not Ninjas

by Travis Mateer

I’m worried that my ANGRY WHITE MAN morning workout routine might not be having the desired effect.

You see, this Missoulian article is supposed to be a fluff piece about fluffy snow and non-white people, but I have a problem. I cannot help but NOTICE certain things in articles, and then I make certain CONNECTIONS.

It’s a problem air-punching and Lego-building might not be able to solve. From the link:

The 20 participants stood in a circle, their bundled snow clothes and keen energy keeping them warm. Whirling snow fell from the sky dusting their hats and scarves. Fog obscured the surrounding mountains.

They spread out with outstretched arms, putting distance between one another, before Golden Yolk breakfast sandwiches and ski gear were handed out. They chatted with one another, some making new friends and other catching up with old ones.

Ok, why the heck did I emphasize Golden Yolk? Because connections are fun, and I remember seeing Golden Yolk in the portfolio of Mary Stranahan’s Goodwork Ventures:

And I ALSO remember that THE GOLDEN YOKE is only named THE GOLDEN YOKE because Ethan realized it would be a dumb business decision to remain Ninja Mike’s.

Here is a master-class in woke virtue-signaling from a good little hen:

Beloved Missoula restaurant Ninja Mike’s announces that, beginning today, it will operate under its new name: Golden Yolk Griddle. With its complete rebrand, the community relationship-centered business can better pursue its mission of offering Missoula delicious, consciously-sourced meals.

“We want to be a supportive force for justice and equity in our community and commit to an anti-racist action plan for our business,” said Golden Yolk Griddle owner Ethan Siegel on the decision to no longer continue under the Ninja Mike’s brand. “Changing our name is a necessary first step in this continuous work. We are glad to be cultivating conversation and participation within our community. ”

Good decision, Ethan, because I doubt you would have gotten the nice product placement without the re-brand.

This is the imminent future of Stakeholder Capitalism.

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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