Does One’s Life Expectancy Shorten The Closer One Gets To The Bus Transfer Station In Downtown Missoula?

by Travis Mateer

Yesterday, before recording my Zoom Chron episode for the week, I noticed a woman with blankets and personal items strewn about the sidewalk in front of the County Courthouse. This woman was pacing around and struggling with a conversation with a female PD officer. Since I can sometimes be helpful in these situations, I crossed the street to feel it out, but this woman was not benefiting from more attention to her erratic behavior, so I moved on.

I decided to stop in City Hall, which requires passing the bus transfer station, but I wasn’t prepared for the new safety measures now deployed, with a cell-like entryway holding-pen and a uniformed officer behind safety glass to “greet” you.

I asked the man behind safety glass if I could get a message to our Mayor about the AMAZING success I was witnessing outside, in his fair city. I suggested to this stone-faced man that our Mayor take a walk to see for himself the phenomenal strides being made on this, the TENTH year of the TEN year plan to end homelessness.

Seeing that I was getting no where, I bade this dour gate-keeper adieu, and carried forth, stopping at the intersection where the ninja tacos became virtue-signaling golden yoke tacos in order to chat up some other officers. Since they weren’t dealing with a tweaker (just a no-filter speaker) who appreciates the boots-on-the-ground realities of first responders, it was a nice conversation.

I didn’t expect to be taking a pic and quickly sending it to a media outlet because a body was apparently laying on the ground, a few feet from where I was hours earlier.

It’s not unusual for bodies to appear at the bus transfer station. In fact, nine days before Christmas last year, the body of a 70 year old man was found.

The Missoula Police Department received the report of an unresponsive man at the downtown Mountain Line bus station at 5:30 Thursday

When police arrived on scene they discovered a 70-year-old man was deceased.

No cause of death has been determined at this point.

Missoula police are currently investigating.

Another death I remember well is the death of the infamous “transient” Jimmy Lee Ferguson. It was during the early hours of January 26th, 2012, when he was found deceased. No foul play was suspected but, then again, no one really cared. Rumors was someone gave him some strong drugs he couldn’t handle. Knowing some of Jimmy’s history when he was more mobile, I’d say he deserved it. He was a mean bastard.

The weirdest part of seeing the aftermath of this traffic fatality is the fact I was listening to the Propaganda Report and, wouldn’t you know, Monica Perez was talking about TRAFFIC FATALITIES.

Welcome to being a synchronicity resonator, Monica! You mentioned that newspaper synch you had recently, and now this, because that is apparently how this universe works.

If you don’t believe me, just ask Christopher Knowles. I really think he’s on to something.

Thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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2 Responses to Does One’s Life Expectancy Shorten The Closer One Gets To The Bus Transfer Station In Downtown Missoula?

  1. John Ulrigg says:

    Yeah when they got the Yellowstone money that’s when they change that front door and you’ll notice that that’s Black Knight security it’s working the courthouse another band of law enforces that does not have to be certified by post and does not have to obey your civil rights if they do so they can just fold up the company go bankrupt and open up under another moniker

    Isn’t the cares acting arpa money a wonderful thing allowing to chopping down a trees to expose homelessness

  2. JC says:

    I hate to be the one to point to news this afternoon that the person was killed by a Missoula bus, and was probably intoxicated. Condolences to the person’s family.

    But what could go wrong with a horribly designed transfer station and proximity to Missoula’s drinking district, and hangout for serial inebriates? I accidentally drove the wrong way down the one way bus lane a few weeks ago. Glad I didn’t get ticketed or hit someone…

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