The Punks Who Call Themselves Progressives Are Craven Bootlickers Refusing To Leverage Their Power For A Vote On Medicare For All

by William Skink

My poet persona is authoring this post today in honor of the gutless political cowards known as “progressives”. These pathetic pretenders like to say all the right things for the cameras, but when it comes down to ACTUALLY FLEXING THEIR POWER in a well-timed, strategic demand to get a vote on Medicare for All in exchange for Pelosi getting crowned speaker, well, just watch how they roll today.

To help remind us of this critical moment when progressives failed to fight for their supporters, here is a poem for posterity:

odd that the squad
won’t demand votes
their Medicare baby
can’t live on hope 

but now’s not the time 
whines AOC
and Jimmy Dore’s words
are like violence to me

all fake progressives 
quake in their shoes
nuzzling Nancy
so the ice queen won’t lose

these are your fighters
these fuckers who lie
pretending they’ll fight 
while fingering the pie 

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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2 Responses to The Punks Who Call Themselves Progressives Are Craven Bootlickers Refusing To Leverage Their Power For A Vote On Medicare For All

  1. J. Kevin Hunt says:

    Indeed! THE FALSE NARRATIVE BY DEMOCRATIC PARTY APOLOGISTS that if “the expanded Squad,” et al “had not voted for Pelosi, then Republican McCarthy would be Speaker,” IS SPECIOUS! WHY can’t the Apologists grasp that the CREDIBLE VOW by a few Dems to vote “present,” not show up, or vote for someone other than Pelosi, would have PREVENTED any danger of McCarthy becoming Speaker because Pelosi would have relented on a M4A up/down, on-record vote, and other concessions? WHY can’t they grasp that if Pelosi called the refuseniks’ bluff and McCarthy was elected Speaker, McCarthy could have been REMOVED as Speaker and Pelosi elected, without a single Republican vote, once Pelosi agreed to those concessions? WHY do they defend the refusal of self-described anti-Establishment Democrats to exercise their power when it was firmly in their grasp? WHY do they reward Pelosi for breaking her 2017 promise NOT to run for Speaker in 2021, as part of her negotiations to end the insurgency led by “the Squad” back then? WHAT IS THE POINT OF PUTTING PURPORTED COMRADES IN POSITIONS OF POTENTIAL POLITICAL POWER, IF THEY DECLINE TO USE THAT POWER FOR THE PEOPLES’ BENEFIT WHEN IT IS DROPPED IN THEIR LAPS?

    • I think the answer to your rant is that our political system is a kakistocracy, defined as “Government under the control of a nation’s worst or least-qualified citizens.”

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