Have The Secret Christians Returned?

by Travis Mateer

I had a weird thought hit me this morning as I listened to Christopher Knowles talk about his book The Endless American Midnight. He was talking about how essential the human need for a spiritual tradition is, and as he was talking I thought: cool, I get to be a secret Christian again.

The reemergence of secret Christianity is what Philip K. Dick was trying to understand in his Exegesis. He explored his own words as twilight language to see how the line separating things like “fiction” from “non-fiction” doesn’t exist, or, to put it another way, only exists as false binary constructs to keep our minds protected from the firehose of existence.

Secret Christians are the Gnostics of the old world and maybe they (we?) keep coming back to this Archon-controlled prison planet for a reason, and that reason could simply be to help others see that THIS IS an Archon-controlled prison planet.

This will sound crazy if you don’t understand the power of consciousness and the immense effort employed over centuries to keep the unwashed masses far away from this occulted understanding.

I believe it’s a gift to be waking up to this reality, but it can also make the daily slog maddening. If you remember to look, and you have your heart-engine on, there are little miracles happening all the time; little synchronicities that only your consciousness can activate.

If you stay open to this aspect of reality, the fear fog they keep foisting on you won’t have the intended, heart-numbing effect.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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