A New, No Ad Look For RD!

by William Skink

UPDATE: because of formatting issues, the donation box has been moved to the William Skink about page.

I finally did it and went for a basic wordpress plan, paying them to stop peddling RD readers with ads. If there’s gonna be any peddling going on, it’s gonna be The Skink peddling ink and other things!

I’m taking this step because, behind the scenes, I’ve been getting all fancy with an LLC and business account and everything, which allows me to try out my handy new panhandling function, which is featured below.

What would a donation be going toward? Great question.

First, a donation to William Skink helps me make my case to my CFO (my wife) that there is viability in my move to becoming a content creator, so please don’t make me get a real job again, ok?

Second, a donation will help cover the cost of my studio at the ZACC, where the podcast magic is about to happen. I got the microphones, and the software updates, and a new level of frustration with technology, in general, and Apple, specifically.

And third, one of my artistic mediums is plastic bricks, and those don’t come cheap, especially at the scale of what I’m building.

Finally, while getting my harmonious ranting voice ready for primetime, I expect to maintain a writing schedule of 5-6 blog posts a week.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for your support!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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3 Responses to A New, No Ad Look For RD!

  1. Greg Strandberg says:

    I wish you luck with this podcasting idea, and I hope it works for you. But don’t get disappointed if it doesn’t.

    Podcasts are hard, and they’ve never found much traction in Montana. Lots of different groups and people try them. The Northern Broadcasting Network and Montana Talks radio show both put their shows up, but these are just radio repeats.

    Up in Kalispell, former mayor Tammi Fisher has a podcast which she pushes on Twitter. It’s called Montana Values Podcast and she puts up a new ‘post’ two or three times a month. Typical downloads are 200 to 300.

    Don Pogreba had the Montana PostCast. He started strong in spring. By May he was burned out and the podcasts stopped after 17 episodes.

    ‘Talk’ politics has always been dominated by the right. When those on the left give it – or talk radio – a try, they always fail. They just can’t garner the audience. Another difficulty is time. Why would I want to listen to someone talk for twenty minutes when I could read the transcript/article in five minutes or less?

    This is what I began to do with MTPR’s campaign beat – the transcript they put up is so much faster.

    But maybe I’m wrong and political podcasts are just what Missoula and Montana desperately want more of right now.

    And there’s this: I don’t listen to podcasts – never have and I doubt I’ll start anytime soon. I mainly stick to conservative radio during the day while watching the baby. My favorite is Dr. Michael Savage (1 to 3 PM on 930 AM), but come January he’s quitting radio and just doing podcasting. I love his show, but despite that, I doubt I’ll follow him to that format. But then I’m not a phone person (rarely carry it on me), and most people use their phones to listen to podcasts…so what do I know.

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