Emily Brock Wants The County Fairgrounds To Become Missoula’s Next Fiscally Reckless Blackhole

by William Skink

There are two worlds existing in tense proximity to each other. One world is called NEW NORMAL where human contact is restricted, small businesses are shuttered, and we argue about masks on social media all day. This world is filled with fear, uncertainty, and anger.

The other world is called OLD NORMAL where the ripple effects of lockdowns and a looming economic depression are cheerfully ignored by people with secure government jobs in order to carry on business as usual. This world is filled with irrational optimism and people like Emily Brock who want Missoula voters to consider passing a 15 million dollar bond for County Fairground improvements.

Because what we need now amidst a global pandemic is more interest-laden debt and ice rinks!!! From the link:

Stakeholders are revealing new information about a possible second phase of improvements for the Missoula County Fairgrounds, partly funded by a bond.

Officials say their current plans would ask for $15 million through a bond in 2022. That money would go toward a new livestock and equestrian pavilion, as well as more green space.

Organizers are also looking to privately fund $4 million for a rodeo arena, and $6 million toward new ice rinks.

“The community has told us from their preferences that the values underpinning fairgrounds redevelopment are education and learning for our kids, making the fairgrounds safer and cleaner, and supporting families and community,” said Emily Brock, Director for the Missoula County Fairgrounds.

Only someone who is irrationally optimistic and still currently employed with a comfortable salary would have the audacity to panhandle taxpayers for fairground money at a time like this.

Brock’s audacity is apparently a limitless resource, as evidenced by this $20,000 ask to County Commissioners for stuff happening at the Fairgrounds that will be MOSTLY CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC:

Fairgrounds organizers on Monday asked Missoula County commissioners to contribute $20,000 to cover expenses associated with this year’s limited events, most of which will be closed to the general public.

“Everything has been so up in the air for so long,” said fairgrounds director Emily Brock. “We’ve thrown everything we have at the wall to see what will stick. This is what we’re landing on in terms of what we think will really work this year.”

As proposed, 4H will go forward under new guidelines, including social distancing and no open class livestock. Parents won’t be permitted in the barn while students show their animals, and animals may not be washed on the grounds.

While Brock was obnoxious as a City Council member, the job she was given to upgrade the fairgrounds has amplified that obnoxiousness into an actual fiscal threat. We need people in these government positions who understand what’s coming, and act accordingly.

Emily Brock is not one of those people.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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3 Responses to Emily Brock Wants The County Fairgrounds To Become Missoula’s Next Fiscally Reckless Blackhole

  1. TC says:

    Brock is one of “Those People”. She got her start on Council through an Engen endorsement then became Engen’s most recent campaign treasurer. She was able to utilize those connections to become Fairgrounds Director (over 2 other candidates that actually ran fairs). She is the epitome of entitlement! Born on 3rd and claims she hit a triple!
    It does seem like our intermeshed City/County Betters are working quickly to enshrine their gentrification views on us in perpetuity. Bond Issues lastly 20+ years of added tax ensure their dream projects get completed regardless of their longevity or economic swings. TIF allows for money to be diverted from General Fund (where it would benefit all) to pet projects/pet developers over 20 years (up to 40 yrs if Ellen manipulates like she so often does to extend URD/TIF). Council recently began work to protect Housing Trust from “the whims” of a future Mayor. Ironic that they were codifying the Whims of “their” Mayor.
    I think they can sense that there will be a reckoning soon; either they will lose office or the economy will collapse or both. They are trying to ensure that regardless their lofty vision will be allowed to continue to knee-cap the average Missoula citizens

    • yes, yes and yes! thanks for mentioning those efforts to protect their corrupted schemes from future Mayors, was going to write about that as well. here is the Missoula Current article about it: https://missoulacurrent.com/government/2020/06/missoula-housing-fund/

      it’s so discouraging how they’ve captured the County–Commissioners, Sheriff, Fairgrounds all little pocket players for Engen to manipulate. the economic reckoning is fast approaching. how many jobs aren’t coming back? how many people will default on mortgages or get evicted? how many office buildings will be permanently vacated because people can productively work from home? how much lost revenue can our debt-bloated bloviators absorb before they get the hint and join us in reality?

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