The Fatal Folly Of Continuing Authoritarian Lockdowns Indefinitely

by William Skink

George Ochenski is not a scientist, nor is he a doctor–he is someone who strings words together for a “news” corporation called Lee Enterprises.

I used to value Ochenski’s perspective. His latest column, which is reproduced at another site I used to have respect for–Counterpunch–is titled The Fatal Folly of a Premature “Grand Opening”, and it opens with this:

Politicians across the nation are pushing the premature removal of social restrictions that have produced solid results in flattening the upward curve of coronavirus infections and deaths across the nation. Goaded by the greedy moguls of Wall Street, these so-called “leaders” are moving to “re-open the economy” while leading medical professionals warn it is folly to do so. But the politicians and their lackeys are ignoring science in favor of commerce — and will have to live with the responsibility for the additional fatalities that will undoubtedly result from their foolish moves.

Who are the “leading medical professionals” Ochenski is referring to? I don’t know, he doesn’t specify. And what science is saying it’s too early to reduce restrictions? Is it the science that produced such “accurate” modeling justifying a lockdown that has triggered an economic depression?

It is incredibly misleading to depict all advocates of reducing social distancing restrictions as greedy toadies of Wall Street. Does Ochenski not understand people have lost their jobs? They have lost their businesses? And now they must pray Uncle Sam throws a few crumbs to them while Wall Street exploits this pandemic with the help of Republicans AND Democrats?

Ochenski wants to focus on the crazy guy in the Oval Office telling people to drink bleach, but by doing so he is playing into the hands of the monsters preparing to make lots of money off this pandemic.

No criticism of Bill Gates and the damage he’s done in other countries with his vaccine obsession? No criticism of the economic house of cards Wall Street has been building for a decade thanks to Democrat and Republican complicity? No context that the economy was already starting to blow up in September, but now Covid-19 will become the convenient scapegoat?

George Ochenski and many other supposed leftists have let their inner authoritarians out of the closet. They no longer care about civil liberties or how the police state will take full advantage of this situation to grab more power for themselves.

Just stay in your home and wait for the experts to tell you everything is ok.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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