More Than OK BOOMER Response Required For Missoula Lawyer Lon Dale’s Diatribe Against Affluent Gen X and Y’ers

by William Skink

I still scan the Missoulian opinion section online, even though their new look has buried it at the bottom of the front page. There’s not usually anything notable, but every once in a while a member of our community says something worth highlighting.

Lon Dale has a letter that practically begs for an all caps OK BOOMER. Who is Lon Dale? He’s a very important lawyer in a Missoula, and he’s got some beef with all those wealthy members of generation X and Y out there who don’t cough up cash for charity or pay attention to the world stage.

Let’s take a look at Dale’s diatribe:

Several Missoula charitable fundraisers have commented as to the lack of philanthropy by many members of the X and Y generations. The affluent members of those age groups seem to be more focused on their stock portfolios than what is happening on the world stage.

Ok Dale, you are speaking to me. I’m a relatively affluent member of Generation X (not wealthy by any means, but comfortable). While I am concerned about my partner’s modest stock inheritance (mostly because we’re nearing the end of a decade-long scam by central bankers to inflate an everything bubble with zero-interest liquidity), I am also VERY aware of what is happening on the world stage.

So, let’s see what else you have to say:

Perhaps it is because they are a couple generations past the Great Depression, when many good and honest people in dire need advanced by receiving a governmental helping hand.

Strange pivot, Dale. Why are we suddenly talking about the Great Depression? You reference the “governmental helping hand” but ignore the hidden hand of the Federal Reserve. I think that warrants an OK BOOMER. Next:

I belong to a civic organization whose first principle of analysis that best serves all of human decisions is the simple question, “Is it the truth?” Yet many members of the referenced age groups often reply to foreign actions and politicians’ blatant misstatements with a two-word response: “Who cares.”

I’m actually thinking of a different two-word response, but instead will just ask: what the hell are you talking about Lon Dale? What civic organization do you belong to? What foreign actions are you referring to? What blatant misstatements by the serial liars who are essentially ALL politicians do you speak of?

I realize the word count limitation from the Missoulian doesn’t provide a lot of words with which to work, but so far this diatribe is what I would refer to as “weak sauce”. Let’s get to Dale’s conclusion:

Perhaps if there were a pressing need for America to defend itself by requiring a draft of eligible citizens, including the children of the X and Y generations, they would actually realize the importance of caring about foreign financial aid. However, my concern is that when they finally wake up to the importance of helping those in need, both here and there, it may be too late.

Finally, something Lon Dale and I can agree on.

If America is to maintain its global hegemony as expressed in the ambitious (some would say psychotic) notion of full spectrum dominance, then I think we should bring back the draft. And not just your traditional draft, but one that prioritizes those of means ahead of those without.

If that were to happen, the ignorant Americans of all living generations would certainly pay more attention to the geopolitical moves being made threatening our very existence.

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