In Hawkeye Country 2+2 Now Equals 5

by William Skink

I want to be like the Democratic party. If I had their power to manipulate reality and make it stick, man, things would be great in my life.

I could submit erroneous income information to the IRS to pay less taxes. When called out I would proudly claim that 2+2 now equals 5, so suck it. I could work 6 hours and call it 8. Who is going to stop me?

The Democratic party in Iowa is essentially telling Bernie Sanders supporters that 2+2=5, and if you don’t agree, suck it.

Here is how Politico is officially reporting the Iowa clusterfuck:

According to the state Democratic Party, Buttigieg is projected to win 14 delegates to the national convention this summer in Milwaukee, while Sanders will get 12 delegates. Warren will receive eight delegates, Joe Biden will get six, and Amy Klobuchar will receive a single delegate.

Sanders did have the support of more caucus-goers, both on the first and final alignments. But because of the caucus rules, he will receive slightly fewer delegates, if these numbers hold.

The announcement came after a review by the party of precincts with apparent mistakes in their results. Of the 95 instances flagged by campaigns, the state party said, 55 had small changes, 36 precincts matched what was reported by precinct leaders on caucus night and four were duplicates.

I added the emphasis to draw attention to a neat little trick here in how these precinct numbers are being reported. Instead of saying 59 precincts DID NOT match what was reported by precinct leaders–which I would say is pretty alarming if you give a shit about our alleged democracy–the article states a paltry 36 precincts had their numbers in alignment with what precinct leaders reported.

Kinda hard to promote ourselves as the preeminent democracy for the world to emulate with what went down in Iowa.

The end result of the Iowa caucus is the billionaire-backed boy, Pete Buttigieg, got the most delegates. I bet the spooks in the wine cave are smiling big right now.

On to New Hampshire!!!

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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