Partisans Target Missoula’s Adam Hertz

by William Skink

Nathan Kosted is a relatively new voice at the partisan hack blog, Intelligent Discontent. In a recent hit-piece Nathan chose to articulate his discontent with State Rep., Adam Hertz, who didn’t vote on the attempt to blast the failed anti-discrimination legislation. Here is how Nathan expresses his intelligent discontent:

Adam Hertz is a coward who does not deserve to represent the wonderful community of Missoula. Do not forget this come election 2018. He did not even have the nerve to stand up for his values or his constituents. He just ran away. We don’t need cowards in government.

Unmentioned in this weak attack is how Hertz made a recent, non-cowardly attempt to support legislative efforts to abolish the death penalty in Montana. Like the time Adam saved Missoula from being sued by the ACLU after “progressive” Caitlin Copple tried to ban sitting on downtown sidewalks (a move that outraged her LGBTQ supporters), he used a fiscally conservative argument to support abolishing the death penalty.

Adam Hertz is someone who can reach across the aisle because he’s reasonable and he listens to people. With Democrats in the minority, Adam is someone who can be worked with, so it’s very unfortunate that the ID partisans have resorted to childish name calling.

I would have commented directly on this piece, but I am not able to post comments at ID, and Don Pogreba is a liar when he stated recently on Twitter that I am not banned. Like Trump, when I called him out, he just doubled down on his lies.

It’s sad that with so much losing of elections, partisan hacks can’t seem to figure out why they keep losing, and make the necessary adjustments. Attacking a reasonable conservative like Adam Hertz won’t do anything good for Democrats or Missoula.

Unfortunately I don’t think that reality will stop the tantrums. Sad!

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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16 Responses to Partisans Target Missoula’s Adam Hertz

  1. Don Pogreba says:

    Like I said on Twitter:

    Look, Travis, you’re not blocked at my site. It’s possible that WordPress is filtering your comments, but there is nothing in the comments section to show that. If you’re having trouble commenting, feel free to send me an e-mail like a grown-up and I will resolve it. And please stop acting like a victim.

    • I don’t require people to send me an email when a comment is stuck, I just unstick it.

      but thanks for commenting, Don.

      • Don Pogreba says:

        There’s literally no comment in the spam queue or pending queue at my site from you. So there’s nothing to “unstick.” I also generally have more to do with my time than to check the spam filter.

        Again, if you have a specific comment that’s not posting, just ask nicely. I believe you’re capable of that, and I know you have my e-mail address.

  2. Don Pogreba says:

    That is some classy innuendo, Travis. I think you may want to ease up on the accusations that people are acting like Donald Trump when this is how you respond to someone over a disagreement about commenting on a web site.

    Do you ever think that, just maybe, you could stop? We all get it. You’re morally and intellectually superior to all of the sheep.It’s just strange that you need to constantly reassure of that if you’re so certain of it.

  3. Big Swede says:

    A quote for my censorships buddies over at ID.

    “Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech”.
    -Benjamin Franklin

    • Don Pogreba says:

      You’re definitely blocked, but you can get your own site here:

      • Big Swede says:

        May look into that.

        By the way Don congrats on your parties new DNC Chair. The deep state establish on the left wins again.

        • Big Swede says:

          Looks like he’s following the Clinton playbook.

          “After the fiasco of Hillary Clinton’s private email server, Democrats are seriously considering for party chair someone who used private email for government work thousands of times and refused bipartisan congressional requests to release them? Have Democrats learned nothing from 2016?” Colin Reed, American Rising’s executive director, told The Hill.

  4. Eric Coobs says:

    I can see the wacko left attacking Adam Hertz – but it’s certainly not his fault that special rights for gays doesn’t pass year after year. The reason that it doesn’t pass is because it’s bad legislation.

    • it’s not the wacko left, it’s establishment Democrats who are threatened that a reasonable conservative has made a viable inroad into their Missoula stronghold.

      what they don’t understand is their efforts are going to backfire. I will knock on doors to help Hertz get reelected, when the time comes.

      • Don Pogreba says:

        Yeah, who cares if he votes with the Republican majority to gut services for students with special needs? The aged? School children?

        What matters is sticking it to people you have a personal animus against.

        Enlightened, man.

  5. Don Pogreba says:

    Apologies for the intrusion. I’ll go back on hiatus for another few months at least. There’s certainly no point in having this discussion.

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