Hey Democrats, Was the ‘Fuck You’ Not Loud Enough?

William Skink

So, Chuck Schumer is going to be your minority leader? Fuck you, Democrats.

And you want a “progressive” interventionist to head the DNC? Fuck you, Democrats.

Congressman Keith Ellison, candidate of progressive Democrats and many regressive Democrats for chair of the Democratic National Committee eagerly urged the illegal and disastrous violent overthrow of the government of Libya in 2011, which he celebrated as a success despite what it meant for the rule of law, despite all the death and suffering, despite the predictable instability and weapons proliferation to follow.

Ellison moved on to pushing, and using his perch as co-chair of the Progressive Caucus to push, for a similar war on Syria. For years now he has advocated for the illegal and murderous creation of no fly zones and “safe zones” — what Hillary Clinton admitted only to Goldman Sachs would require that you “kill a lot of Syrians.” Ellison was an early backer of bombing Syria in 2013. He met with peace activists but rejected their appeal.

And all that noise about the terrible notion that Trump wouldn’t accept the election results? Fuck you and your professional protesters stirring up trouble, Democrats.

I know, the corporate media is pretending like professional protesters don’t exist, and you’ll eat that shit up.

But what about this?  And this?  From the second link:

With that in mind, Soros-backed groups are, indeed, shaping the anti-Trump, “Not My President” protests. Although it would be utterly irresponsible to say a large faction of demonstrators weren’t self-motivated, it would be equally capricious to imagine an organic movement would remain as organized as it has without outside, professional involvement — of which evidence abounds with a little research.

In a November 9 article in Business Insider discussing the emergence of protests around the nation, a featured photograph by the Associated Press shows students marching in the streets holding banners. One reads, “Trump = Always Racist” — but along the bottom of that banner is a curious suggestion to “Text NeverTrump to 877-877.”

When you do just that, you will receive an automatically-generated reply text with the opening line, “Welcome to UWD – let’s stop Trump together” with the option to reply “Help” for more information. Doing so reveals UWD is “United We Dream” — an immigrant advocacy organization receiving funding from none other than George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

I see Democrat friends on Facebook echoing the propaganda that it’s dangerous for Trump to question the “grassroots” nature of the protests. When Ben Sasse asks why there isn’t more reporting on this, Matthew Yglesias tweeted this:

One of Trump’s leading former GOP critics now laying rhetorical groundwork for an authoritarian crackdown

Because you ignorant fucks haven’t paid attention to what your neoliberal warmongers have done with color revolutions abroad to destabilize countries like Ukraine, you won’t recognize that this strategy is now being fully deployed domestically.

I guess the ‘fuck you’ wasn’t loud enough. Your ignorance is what’s dangerous, Democrats. You are allowing the Plutocrats to position this country for a civil war.

You want riots to overtake American cities? You want to throw out the election results and destroy President-elect Trump before he’s inaugurated? Go ahead, assholes. Just know it will be you who is culpable for the violence that is unleashed. It is you who are condoning the very behavior you decried would come from Trump supporters if he lost.

Basically, fuck you, Democrats.

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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7 Responses to Hey Democrats, Was the ‘Fuck You’ Not Loud Enough?

  1. Eric Coobs says:

    Whoa boy – settle down. It hasn’t sank into the Dems that it’s ‘Game Over’ yet, and that it’s time to toss out the playbook, but it’ll surely happen in 2018 when the GOP wallops the Dems again, especially in States like Montana where Hillary got spanked by 20 points.

    So my prediction is that the Dems blindly keep Nancy Pelosi too, just because of the money she can raise, and my other prediction is that we now see Jon Tester shift into ‘Max Mode’ where he signs on to the GOP agenda, while giving lip service to the Dems who don’t follow what he’s doing. Good for him – I wouldn’t want to be a failing farmer from Big Sandy either.

  2. Big Swede says:

    “As the great Walter Williams was fond of saying, the radicals are the people arguing for the rollback of the welfare state. The radicals are the ones arguing for the ending of foreign adventurism. The radicals are the ones questioning the prevailing orthodoxy on race, sex and culture. The people being purged from social media would have been much more at home with the Jacobins than the defenders of the Ancien Régime. Given their skepticism regarding global capitalism, many of the alt-right would be better termed alt-left.”Zman.

  3. dijinn&tonic says:

    “It’s a big Club, and you ain’t in it”…


    You ain’t in the Big Club…

  4. steve kelly says:

    More popcorn, please.

  5. Big Swede says:

    Great summary.

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