Jon Tester’s Grandstanding Omits Reality He’s a Willing Tool of the Banks

by William Skink

Why do people believe anything politicians say? Take Jon Tester for example. Yesterday our pretend populist with the flattop haircut used his weasel words to grandstand against the audacious corruption of Wells Fargo. Partisan hack Don Pogreba was quick to put up a post with the title Tester Takes Wells Fargo to Task. Here is one of the quoted excerpts from the theatrical tongue-lashing yesterday:

It was Tester who told the single biggest truths of the morning’s proceedings. First, he told Stumpf that a CEO of a major bank who cannot stop 5,300 people from committing two million acts of fraud is “giving a lot of ammunition to the people who want to break up the big banks.” Then, he pointed out that the fraud at Wells Fargo had managed to produce something rare in these politically polarized times.

“I’ve been on this committee for 10 years,” said Tester, “and you’ve done something I haven’t seen in a long while. You have managed to unite this committee, and not in a good way.”

What a fucking joke. There was an opportunity for Democrats to actually do something about the fraud and corruption that brought the global economy to its knees 8 years ago, when Obama was elected and Democrats had a congressional majority, but we know how that turned out.

And when there were other opportunities to reign in the banks, what did Tester do? He once again sided with the banks by killing the Brown-Kaufman amendment 6 years ago. Here is what that amendment would have done:

“The amendment, sponsored by Sens. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) and Ted Kaufman (D-Del.), would have required megabanks to be broken down in size and capped so that their individual failure would not bring down the entire system.

Under Brown-Kaufman, no bank could hold more than 10 percent of the total amount of insured deposits, and a limit would have been placed on liabilities of a single bank to two percent of GDP.

In practice, the amendment required the six biggest banks — Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley — to significantly scale down their size. It was touted as a way to end Too Big To Fail.”

Tester voted against this amendment because he’s a tool of the banks and other corporate interests. Jon Tester isn’t going to do anything that would compromise the corporate loot from flowing to the DSCC he chairs. His job is to be a tool, and that’s what he’s going to be. Weasel words mean nothing. It’s how politicians like Tester act that exposes who they really work for.

And it’s not you, Montana. Remember that in 2018.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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7 Responses to Jon Tester’s Grandstanding Omits Reality He’s a Willing Tool of the Banks

  1. JC says:

    Don’s genuflection to Tester, and Tester’s grandstanding is nothing more than an acknowledgment that the 2018 Senate battle is already underway. And Tester’s statement about “ammunition” has the tone of a warning to keep this shit out of the media, lest Wall Street’s minions have to do the double step again like they did with Brown-Kaufmann.

    You want to see some real, heavy-handed Congressional oversight? (ignore the preroll ad)

  2. I said months and months ago that Pogie does not write his own stuff. I based that by comparing his comments to his writing, two different voices. But giving that point away, at the very least you should realize by now he is a paid shill, and not be surprised when he does exactly as you would expect a paid shill to do. All of politics is phony, so why not blogs too?

    • JC says:

      Are you saying your blog is phony too?

    • I’m gonna let you in on something, there are people known as “writers”, and some of the more talented ones can write in many different voices, sometimes in the form of things called “novels”.

    • I’ll let you in on a secret: The world of politics is fake. Pogie didn’t just happen on the scene. He was hired, and told to write nice about Democrats and attack Republicans. He can’t write for shit. He does not transform into a real writer from his comments to his blog. He is a fake. He is handed material and told to put it up. It is highly repetitive, unimaginative, but well researched. Not by him. He works all week at his real job, which involves unknowingly fucking up young minds. His comments are childish and brief, and since he is in hiding behind the censor’s wall, he can taunt you fellas. He’s a jackass.

      Democrats saw blogs as a threat and opportunity at once and moved in with their people, Singer, Stephens, Cowgirl, Pogie, possibly J-girl and Kailey. They were hires or dupes. Their first job was to get Tester elected. They lied through their teeth about him. I was one of their first “bans.” I am proud of that. Democrats hate free expression of ideas. They did everything in their power to remove independent voices, including mine and yours. They hate that. One by one they banned us, removed us from their links. They were cold and calculating about it. They meant for blogging to be no different from their daily press releases, sugar coated bullshit. They succeeded.

      So Montana is reduced to a few outlets, Cowgirl, Pogie, Conners, all shills, the dialogue stifled, commenters heavily censored. I would venture you’re doing maybe 1-200 hits a day, more like 87. It’s hell without links, and they don’t like you. (Conner doesn’t even embrace comments, he’s so tightly wrapped and censorious.) That’s they way they like it. Their software is very expensive and sophisticated. They mean to control the dialogue and remove any thought crime. I suspect that Cowgirl and Pogie use the same program. It is supplied by the national party, I would guess. It is designed to control dissent.

      Novels? Writing? I can write, but am more into clear expression of ideas, moral courage, thought control, controlled opposition and pissing in the wind. I broke free. Someday you might too, but with each passing post, I grow more doubtful. And JC, don’t bother. You lost me months ago.

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