Monday Quick Hits

by William Skink

Locally there’s a gubernatorial thing happening tonight. I will save you time by reducing it to what the respective campaigns have so far been about: snakes on a plane vs. rich man’s river. Hopefully they don’t stumble on to something of substance and actually tell voters how they plan on addressing all the serious problems facing this state.

Nationally there are bombs going off and a compliant media willing to helpfully edit Hillary’s response to it. Thanks media, good work.

Globally the ceasefire in Syria is kaput. And while America helps Turkey kill Kurds (some of the best fighters against ISIS) and “accidentally” kills Syrian soldiers, some of those “vetted” moderate rebels recently chased out American special forces under threat of a slaughter (links at original post):

The deployment of some 40 U.S. special forces to Al Ra’i did not go well. The Turkish “Free Syrian Army” proxies threatened to kill the U.S. forces. They called them “unbelievers” and “crusader pigs” and the U.S. forces had to retreat under Turkish cover (video). Some FSA spokesperson later claimed that the dispute was over U.S. support for the Kurdish dominated SDF, which at times had fought against the FSA. Unconfirmed reports now say that the special forces are back in Al Ra’i after certain FSA groups were ordered out of the area. There are also reports claiming the U.S., after the special forces were chased out of town, “accidentally” bombed some FSA group in Al Ra’i. Ooops.

Personally, I’m going on a bike ride. I’ll be listening to the new Nick Cave album, Skeleton Tree. Have a nice day.

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  1. Big Swede says:

    Skelton Tree? I was running the backhoe listening to Slayer.

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