New Editor, Same Crappy Product

by William Skink

The Missoulian has a new editor, but that doesn’t seem to have changed the inaccurate reporting going on.

Back when the Sheriff’s Department took issue with reporter Kathryn Haake for a number of reasons, which included inaccurate reporting, some people thought that was the Sheriff’s department being unfair.

Well, if you were to check out the Missoulian today you would see the first paragraph of this story contradict the caption of the photo, and it’s not some pesky little detail.

Here is the caption:

Investigators look over a vehicle that was involved in an attempt to flee police early Saturday morning in downtown Missoula. After hitting one officer with the car, another officer fired his gun at the driver.

And here is the first paragraph of the article:

The Montana Highway Patrol has arrested and charged a man who allegedly hit a Missoula police officer with his car, prompting that same officer to fire his weapon at the vehicle early Saturday morning.

When an officer fires his weapon that is a serious matter, one that is specifically documented by the police department. It’s really unfortunate that, for whatever reason, the Missoulian can’t get basic facts straight about which officer fired his weapon.

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  1. JC says:

    Yeah, and did the “officer” shoot at the vehicle (first paragraph), or the driver (caption)? One shot is meant to disable the vehicle (flat tire, punctured radiator, etc.) and circumvent a high speed chase, the other is to disable (read “kill”) the driver. Big difference. Go Missoulian.

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