A Compilation Of Links Regarding Missoula’s Reserve Street Homeless Camps And Who Benefits From Our Community Response (I’m Looking At You, Blue Line Development)

by Travis Mateer

Since June there have been 16 reported fires at the Reserve Street homeless camps, which brings the total this year to 29. With fire danger in Missoula approaching extreme, the homeless camps are creating a serious public safety issue for a town facing serious fire risk.

On Saturday I was on a Zoom meeting with Monica Perez and Brad Binkley of The Prop Report putting my coverage of corruption in Missoula on the map.

I talked about the role of non-profits, like United Way of Missoula County helping County Commissioners hide their scheming, and private sector partners, like Blue Line Development, cashing in.

So, for anyone new to my coverage, here are some relevant posts to check out:

Bitter Cold, Homeless Camps And An Ugly Ass Dog Sculpture (3-4-2019)

The PR Charade Of Claiming Homeless Numbers Are Going Down Is Finally Over (12-14-2020)

The Homeless Camp Damage Control Zoom Meeting (12-17-2020)

Why Critics Of The Temporary Safe Outdoor Space Should Focus On Money, Process And Policy Instead Of People (12-18-2020)

Susan Hay Patrick’s Damage Control Op-Ed About The Temporary Safe Outdoor Space: A Rebuttal (12-20-2020)

I Don’t Like When People Manipulate The Good Will Of A Community To Benefit Themselves And Their Families, And Neither Should You (12-29-2020)

Will A Cowardly Rebuttal From Public Officials And Nonprofit Influencers (Sans Blue Line Development) Be Enough To Shut Up The Critics? (3-23-2021)

Temporary Safe Outdoor Space No Longer Temporary (4-5-2021)

Lots Of Deceit With No Accountability…Are You As Tired Of This Shit As I Am, Missoula? (5-19-2021)

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