Have Fun With Your New Era, Missoula

by Travis Mateer

Missoula’s NEW ERA is upon us! Look at all those appreciative people putting their hands together! How nice, I’m sure they will all help deliver the NEWNESS to Missoula it so richly deserves.

This new era will feature a lot of women who will be doing the difficult work of scapegoating the State and panhandling the Feds.

No, it isn’t ME singling out the ladies–that’s Martin Kidston’s job! From the link:

Davis will serve as Missoula’s second female mayor, and the majority of City Council is also comprised of women. Former City Council member and member of the Montana House of Representatives Marilyn Marler swore Davis into office.

She also happens to be Davis’ neighbor and friend. Before swearing Davis in, Marler praised the civic engagement that played out in the recent election. She also described Monday as a big moment.

“It didn’t happen from just one or two people. It happened from the whole community,” Marler said. “Thousands of people who participated in the civic engagement that goes into an election, everyone who worked on a campaign or a ran for election, this moment is a collective moment.”

I’m sure Marler really thinks the WHOLE COMMUNITY was civically engaged and is now feeling the unity, but that’s just not true. I suspect many are girding their loins for the new MARKETING of the same old schemes and ideas, because that’s what throwing TIF money at “workforce housing” amounts to, in my arrogant opinion.

Don’t worry, my opinion can be closely associated with my manhood, and therefore dismissed with prejudice, kind of like those poor Dads trying to oppose the gender-affirming zealotry of MOTHER.

Yes, I’m going to be THAT asshole who pairs the celebratory exuberance of Missoula’s bubble dwellers with the growing suspicion that something is VERY WRONG with some (I said SOME) of the mothers “supporting” their child’s “decision” to transition from one thing to something else. From the link:

“Transhausen by proxy,” a term coined for narcissistic parents who push so-called “gender transitioning” on their children, may be playing a role in the sudden rise of transgender children, some experts say.

Celebrities are increasingly in the limelight with announcements about their children who come out as transgender or nonbinary. Nonbinary individuals identify as neither male nor female.

“Transhausen by proxy” isn’t an officially recognized psychological condition; it’s a play on an official condition known as Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP). MSBP is a mental illness that’s also sometimes called medical child abuse or factitious disorder imposed on others. It’s exhibited mostly by women seeking attention by exaggerating or making up an illness of children or others in their care.

This article has all kinds of interesting things to consider, but most people probably wouldn’t zero in on things like Spokane coming up, and then the Tavistock Institute referenced.

Dr. Erica Li is a pediatrician in Spokane, Washington, who considers herself an old-school liberal. She’s not necessarily against gender transitioning. Early in her career, she considered becoming a pediatrician specializing in gender dysphoria.

However, she began to question why doctors were advocating for medical procedures to transition children without solid scientific evidence that the procedures came with an overwhelming benefit for their young patients, she told The Epoch Times.

If the cause of gender dysphoria is unknown in a patient and the prognosis of treatment is uncertain, then radical treatment with morbid side effects isn’t justified, she said.

What if a Dad is opposed, with good reason, to this kind of treatment in a showdown with Mom?

In this longer excerpt from the article, one clinic got the veil pulled back, and it wasn’t pretty:

In February, Jamie Reed, a former case manager at the Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, exposed practices at the clinic and described parents who were adamant about transitioning their children.

Her revelations became the catalyst for Missouri lawmakers to draft a law barring hormone therapy for minors.

In a July article appearing in LGBT Courage Coalition, Ms. Reed wrote about how children at the clinic were the victims of “one parent’s own psychological needs.”

“As horrible as this is to say, I did see parents (primarily moms) who showed signs of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy,” she wrote.

Ms. Reed, a lesbian and mother of five, described how the clinic tore families apart when both parents didn’t agree to putting their children on hormones.

Fathers often attempted to stop the medical transitioning of their children, she wrote, and staff often referred to those fathers as “idiots” or said they had “patriarchal issues.”

When I think of “new eras” I think of social engineering, and when I think of social engineering I think of the Tavistock Institute. These things can seem big, but yesterday I spent a little time above it all, so that was nice.

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  1. Jay Putman says:

    Can a person change their race? Could I say that I do not feel like a white person, but that I identify as a black person? There are techniques out there for skin-whitening and skin-darkening. Does Rachel Dolezal deserve a huge apology? Here is an interesting article about recent transgender history: https://imprimis.hillsdale.edu/inside-the-transgender-empire/

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