Introducing Myself To Spokane’s City Council

by Travis Mateer

I wasn’t sure if my second attempt to make a public comment at Spokane’s City Council would be successful because despite showing up 45 minutes early, the 15 slots for “open forum” had already been filled up by the activists supporting Palestinians. I also learned that last week these activists shut down City Council. From the link:

Pro-Palestinian protesters shut down a Spokane City Council meeting Monday over an October resolution in support of Israel and council rules they argue infringe on their First Amendment rights to petition their government.

Even after council members cleared the chambers, with around a half-dozen uniformed officers standing between them and the public, dozens of protesters led by local activist Justice Forral continued to walk up to the dais to speak one by one as if the meeting had continued unabated, interspersed with chants of “free, free Palestine” and “City Council, listen to us.”

Council President Lori Kinnear in recent weeks has begun enforcing an interpretation of meeting rules that bans any members of the public from naming other council members during their testimony. Members of the public in recent weeks seeking to speak out against the Oct. 9 Israel resolution sponsored by Councilman Jonathan Bingle have attempted to criticize comments by Bingle and Councilman Michael Cathcart, but have been shut down frequently by Kinnear.

The open forum part of the meeting was put at the end of the agenda, so I waited and waited and finally heard my name called to approach the podium, which I did. Now Spokane’s City Council has heard my claims of cartel activity spreading amongst homeless populations.

Will my comment change anything? Probably not, but I do what I do regardless of the outcome. Also, it’s a fun way to meet new people in a city I’m serious considering moving to.

After looking at a rental later today, I’m going to check out a store that sells used Legos, called Brick By Brick. Can I find somewhere to rebuild my Lego world? I hope so, since I have so many funny ideas that my Lego world was going to help me bring to life, but I’m not holding my breath.

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