Week In Review: November 6-10

by Travis Mateer

*I replaced the inside image with an outside image after reading the fine print of my short-term rental stay.

This week has not been the best, but I woke up in Spokane this morning happy to be ANYWHERE other than Zoom Town (Missoula) because it’s increasingly clear my time living here might have to come to an end.

Since the man terminating my lease attends my parents church, I decided to check the date of a critical post I wrote, titled A Race Baiter, A Sexual Predator, And The Church Where They Worship God. Why was the date of this post suddenly interesting to me? Well, because it was about that very same church, and it was written with the blessing of one of its aggrieved former members, who really has it out for LOTS of people in this town, including me.

The date? October 30th, 2022, so BEFORE I signed a lease that now seems doomed from the start, especially considering I suspect the owner was the one who thinks he heard what he assumed was me being loudly intimate in my “professional” space.

Once again my calls for legal representation have been fruitless, so the lease can just be terminated and I have no recourse, like I had no recourse in other legal matters.

My parents church is not unique when it comes to coddling sexual predators, and I’m sure other churches around Missoula quietly involved in their own damage control, like the church connected to J.D. Pertain, will continue chugging along, leaving a wake of sad, broken souls looking elsewhere for glimpses of salvation.

The song I’m including this week before the links makes a crude references to a certain spreadsheet of sexual conquest, so I want to include a link to the New York Post article where that spreadsheet is discussed–proof I’m not just making this shit up.

See that? That’s the smile of a man who knows that, despite a little bad publicity, he still has Montana search and rescue efforts dominated through his surely benevolent generosity with Two Bear Air.

Now, how about a little tune on the ukulele?

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  1. Concern Troll says:

    It might not come as a shock to you that a particular radio personality and voice of the Montana Grizzlies, held the role of a deacon at a church in Missoula, where such occurrences were a regular feature.

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