Dispatch From Smiley Face Dead Land

by Travis Mateer

Well, Austin, after just a few ups and downs on your 6th Street, I think it’s clear. You have a Satanism problem.

It’s cool, this whole fucking country has a Satanism problem, but people can get hung up on terminology. Is it Lucifer, Baphomet, Pan, Abraxas, or some other dark entity the psychopaths venerate as SUPREME psychopath? Does it matter?

I’m going to do my best to not die in this land of death-worship as I continue to piece together the death of Sean Stevenson, which is why I left a message with the Executive Director of the Pov earlier this week (you have my number, Jill)

How many men were in the men’s dorm on January 3rd, 2020? This would be BEFORE check-in, meaning they had a reason to be in the men’s dorm.

When I worked at the Poverello Center–where Sean Stevenson was assaulted by supposedly just ONE person (who is also now dead) on January 3rd, 2020–the reasons to be in the dorm before check-in were either you had work the next day, or you had medical bed-rest, and the latter required the approval of Partnership Health staff.

I left my job in 2016, so maybe things changed. I know the policies around substance abuse and substance USE were different when Sean Stevenson was ONE of those men allowed to be in the men’s dorm before check-in.

I have SO MANY other questions now after hearing some shit, and after seeing some shit, so let me suggest something to the OTHER people getting my emails: this doesn’t stay quiet forever.

Let’s say you’re Detective Mitch Lang interviewing Johnny Lee Perry, the scrawny tweaker who is ALSO conveniently dead.

Before Johnny Lee Perry got shot in the back by the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office, he was accused of doing a MAGICAL rear-neck chokehold. Why was it magical? Let me explain.

With the insights gleaned from Rollerblading in Dallas, where a bullet ALSO did MAGICAL things that no REGULAR bullet could do, I now understand that Johnny Lee Perry possessed magical powers, like Oswald, and that’s clearly the only explanation.

I know what you’re thinking–this is ridiculous, Travis! Well, if Johnny Lee Perry was a normal person, that may be true, but what if Johnny channeled the powers of a SPIDER MONKEY with his rear-neck chokehold?

Don’t look at me like that, Spider Monkey! It wasn’t ME who used this proper noun as a verb to describe how Johnny Lee Perry could have, like, SPIDER-MONKEYED his way into a dominant position over a man significantly larger than him.

I’m writing this late, so I can’t recall which badge deployed this creative theory that a meth-smoking, vodka-drinking 29 year old black man from Oakland could do the damage I saw in the autopsy images with a chokehold, but it might have been this guy:

Tomorrow I will NOT have a Voodoo Donut as I take in the psycho-killer sights, like maybe Lady Bird Lake? Would that bring a SMILE to the faces of these psychopaths?

Did you know that LOTS of cops like to stand around at 6th and Trinity in Austin? I was too shy to take a picture, or even ask them about the potential of an operational cell of a well-organized death cult playing ritualistic death games under their noses because, well, you’re probably astute enough to finish that thought for me.

Meanwhile, back in Missoula, I see a darling local headline that, after reading the article, has me re-reading the headline.

From the link:

On Aug. 21, Missoula police responded to Providence St. Patrick Hospital’s emergency department for a man with a gunshot wound. The injured man was shot at least once, possibly twice on his right arm, according to charging documents.

He told officers he had been at a downtown Missoula bar when a verbal fight between two men and him ensued. He drove a friend home and was allegedly followed by the men he was fighting with.

Near Pullman Street and the Northside cemetery, he turned his car around and drove at the two men from the bar who were allegedly following him. According to charging documents, the suspect car stopped in the street, and the witness saw the two men exit. One man pulled out what the witness described as an AR-15 rifle from the trunk.

The witness then drove his car into the suspect vehicle. As he was driving away, the witness reported his car was shot at by the man with the AR-15. According to charging documents, one round went through the back of his vehicle and struck him. His friend was uninjured.

Cool, the friend was uninjured! It’s nice to read stories with happy endings, isn’t it?

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Thanks for reading!

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2 Responses to Dispatch From Smiley Face Dead Land

  1. Tony says:

    Greetings Wanderer. I think you are seeing, though already knew, evil is real. Real Evil is real. You didnt need to travel to find that; Missoula has so many examples right here! But hopefully seeing a more global evil gives you a more rounded perspective.
    I believe that Man (and Woman) is a base animal if left disconnected. I believe we need a higher power, higher exemplar to function above the base. I find that through God (Catholicism), my wife is a Stoic. We both share a thought that CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters is how the world works.
    There has always been evil and always will. It seems, starting in the 60’s where most were born on 3rd base thinking they hit a triple, that we have drifted away from light towards ever more darkness. I know I did for much of my life. Starting with “if it feels good”, then “anything goes”, “greed is good”, to now “you be you”, “life your “truth””. Its all a measure of relativism that excuses immorality.
    All this you know. Just saying to say beware evil. Find your Higher guide – perhaps in the Four Corners. Be well, safe travels. Know that you have Welcome here back in Missoula.

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