Local Media Just Keeps Getting Worse And Worse

by Travis Mateer

Over the weekend there was a SWAT incident in Missoula, but where? If you check the comments, it appears there was confusion about the location of the incident. Here’s a screenshot of the comments:

So, the reporter got the WHERE wrong at first. And the WHO? Nope, that information is also not available in the “news” article. So, WHAT actually happened? Here’s the extent of what was reported over the weekend:

Well, the Missoulian won’t report on the extent of the man’s injuries, but thankfully I’m not as constrained as our dying local media outlets are, so I’m going to report on the likelihood that the man is dead. How did I come to this conclusion? Simple, I consulted the jail roster and found a mugshot of a woman arrested over the weekend for deliberate homicide.

Later this month, City Club is going to be discussing our deplorable media landscape in Missoula. I am super excited to attend, since I represent the kind of NEW media filling the void left by shit media companies, like the one former CIA agent, John Talbot, married into over half a century ago.

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Later today I’ll have an interesting movie review that might get you thinking a little differently about a certain issue getting ALL the local media attention right now, so stay tuned.

And, as always, thanks for reading!

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  1. Apparently the man was stabbed 9 times and is expected to survive, so I guess ATTEMPTED deliberate homicide should be the charge.

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