Zoom Chron Week In Review Part II, The Actual Podcast

by Travis Mateer

Are things getting weird? Yes, things are getting weird. Does that entail cows eating weed? Yes, it includes cows eating weed. Did I hear about Highlander cows and their ability to eat weed BEFORE it was discussed in open court? Yep. And all this right around the notorious stoner holiday, 4-20.

The question posed in the ridiculous image above actually came up in court, and it was determined that Wally’s cows ate weed, not “hemp”, because Wally told the Sheriff that, quote, “the geese were freaking out”.

I am not making this up.

What weed? Well, the 200 pounds of weed found on Interstate 90 and reported by a “good samaritan”. Again, this is real, as evidenced by a real news article.

From the link:

A large bag of marijuana found on the side of I-90 was turned over to Mineral County law enforcement on Friday evening. 

A Good Samaritan called it in on Friday night around 11 p.m., Mineral County Sheriff Mike Toth said. He estimates the bag weighs about 200 pounds.

The bag had no markings and was lying on the side of the freeway, torn open, near the Henderson exit when the individual found it. 

Toth said if no one claims it in the next week, it will be destroyed. Its contents tested positive for THC

Well, there you have it. And what happened to this weed? I guess you’ll have to listen to the podcast, because I haven’t had a chance to write about this craziness yet. And that’s because I’ve been VERY busy deconstructing a shanty-shack/meth-den.

More on that later, so stay tuned. And don’t forget Travis’ Impact Fund (TIF), or the donation button at my about page, is waiting for your support.

Thank you!

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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