Fuck Around And Find Out, Francis

by Travis Mateer

On Tuesday night I was trying to simply drive back to where I lay my head when a black jeep nearly hit me turning left from Higgins onto a residential street near the University. The speed of the vehicle was excessive, so I made a decision to turn around my vehicle and that’s when Francis decided he was going to fuck around. I guess he wanted to find out. So I obliged.

It took nearly 5 minutes for the first police cruiser to respond to my 911 call. In that time this drunk piece of shit tried running me down in his car as he recklessly sped around the neighborhood (I was out of my vehicle at this point). Francis made at least 3 passes at me before cops finally showed up and arrested him.

One of the oddest parts of this ordeal was Francis’ commentary on my financial status. Huh? Maybe it was my piece of crap vehicle that indicated I wasn’t flush with funds. In any case it seemed very important to Francis to verbally mock me as he drove recklessly around the neighborhood. I even had some spare change thrown at me by this fucker.

Francis Fidler doesn’t realize this yet but he’s just begun a journey of finding out what happens when someone fucks around with safety in my town. Just ask the killer, Kevin Lino, who I helped put behind bars, what can happen when you stroll into Missoula with an attitude of entitlement. I even wrote a letter to Merrick Garland in 2021 to let him know what kind of parent his AG’s office was trying to politically demonize.

Earlier this month, on March 7th, I called 911 on another dangerously impaired driver. This time it was an old man who was going SLOW down Reserve street. I’m talking 25mph on a 45mph road while also swerving in a decrepit vehicle that looked like a wheel was about to fall off. Despite a 911 call from me, police weren’t able to respond in time, so I followed him home and had a little chat.

Here is Wally after his trip for medications, which he’s holding in his hand. A caretaker person showed up after I did, and verbally berated Wally for leaving the house against her orders. I had a little chat with her as well to make sure she clearly understood the threat this man posed to MULTIPLE people on the road that evening. I think she got my message.

Like the man pictured at the top of this post, I’m hoping to educate people about the cause and effect dynamics involved with fucking around and finding out. Let me share one final story, a story we’ll call “hypothetical” for the purposes of this educational post.

Let’s say your role in a community is one of spiritual stewardship, specifically the flock that gathers on the appropriate day to praise the Sky Daddy, or whatever higher power you claim to be a divine mediator for. When two lambs are taken advantage of by a wolf in sheep’s clothing, what should you do?

If your answer is to use scripture to DISCOURAGE reporting sexual crimes to the proper authorities, well, that MAY be your start down a path of fucking around and risking finding out what knowingly leading lambs into the jaws of a wolf is going to cost you, in the end.

For Francis, it began when he chose to get behind the wheel of his jeep, pictured below. Some of the things I’d like to know is WHERE Francis got all fucked up? Was he over served at a local bar? I also have a call in to the University of Montana police jurisdiction to ensure they know, if Francis is a student, that his driving could have killed someone.

I’ll wrap up this post with a video I spent some extra time editing. If you watch it you’ll see why. It’s mostly me outside the building where our County Commissioners have their offices with a few clips interspersed for effect. If you appreciate this kind of content you can support my work by making a donation at my about page, or a contribution to Travis’ Impact Fund (TIF). Thanks for reading!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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2 Responses to Fuck Around And Find Out, Francis

  1. amastrovito56 says:

    Someone sent me this very same clip regarding Rebekah Barsotti’s case, concernining LE f’ing around and minimizing the investigation and the expected outcome. It’s all around. Mineral County. Missoula. Are there any jurisdictions in MT that are proud of providing the best service to the public? Without complaining of late nights and hours over 40 a week? Do your job. If you want regulated hours with ac and temperature control do something else. (When Rebekah was Missing and I inquired about a search I was told it was too hot by Toth and Funke said he had other things to do.) Too hot…tell that to the thousands of fire fighters that came into the State of Montana that summer of 2021. Other things to do….I hope you never hear those words said back to you. Now that Funke is Sheriff some of the citizens of Mineral thought there might be a REAL investigation. No way. Sheriff Funke has no intention. He even states he has been Directed by the COA he cannot speak to me or my attorney.. COA denies this. Whose report do you believe? The residents of Mineral County apparently came to the wrong conclusion.

  2. Tim says:

    Thanks for getting me cleared of disorderly man! Glad I could screen shot this post đŸ˜‚

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