More Idaho/Montana Weirdness: Monarch School, Paris Hilton, And The Kardashians At The Lake

by Travis Mateer

This post begins with a school in Montana I’ve never heard of before until listening to the Psyop Cinema guys talking with William Ramsey. Now I’m wondering how I could have possibly NOT heard of the Monarch school. From the link:

The Monarch School, started in 2000, is a therapeutic boarding school and “college preparatory school designed to promote academic excellence, positive self image, strong character traits and sound reasoning,” according to the school’s Facebook page. The school’s website has since been taken down.

The article this quote is taken from says nothing about the allegations of abuse. To get more information, this Reddit thread is much more informative. Here’s a screen-shot:

Since I wasn’t familiar with where Heron, Montana is located, I took a look online. Here’s what I found:

Seeing the proximity to Sandpoint and Rathdrum made me think of the post I wrote last week about my Grandpa and this post I wrote two Novembers ago about the weird Northwest.

Now, I bet you’re wondering what the hell a celebrity like Paris Hilton has to do with any of this. Well, I was similarly surprised when I saw local news articles about Paris Hilton speaking out on House Bill 218 because creepy schools in rural places, like Montana, ain’t just for the regular fuckups, but celebrity fuckups as well.

From the link:

Paris Hilton weighed in on a current topic to the Montana Senate Committee, House Bill 218, which would increase regulations surrounding “private alternative adolescent residential or outdoor programs.”

They are alternative residential settings for youth who are experiencing emotional, behavioral, or learning problems.

Hilton says they are anything but safe, testifying that she had been abused in the Montana mountains when she was younger and encouraging lawmakers to protect children in residential programs.

It shouldn’t be all that surprising that a celebrity like Hilton was sent to a boarding school in the mountains for help, since beautiful landscapes are something celebrities enjoy just like us normal people do. For further proof of that, here’s some local gossip on the Kardashians and their seemingly regular vacay to Coeur d’Alene:

Going back to Paris Hilton and her experience, a longer interview with 60 minutes features another former victim of one of these facilities, Emily. This girl was sent to the same school Hilton was kept captive in, in Utah, then transferred to Monarch in Montana. Here’s the clip:

Watching this is pretty disturbing, and should put a different spin on Hilton’s post-Provo-Canyon-School behavior. It also raises some serious questions in my mind, like what kind of donors/visitors will these places allow, and at what hours of the day (or night)?

It would be an ideal situation, if you wanted to have a remote facility to facilitate sexual abuse, to get troubled kids out in the middle of no where to supposedly “help” them. Does this put Lowell Hochhalter’s invitation for pastors to come out for a visit to have a steak in a less than virtuous light? Especially when Detective Guy Baker recently implied that this “safe” house could host minors?

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