The Missoula County Twitter Handle Is Celebrating Women And So Am I!

by Travis Mateer

Yes, that’s right, our amazing County Commissioners have accomplished another empty civic performance for a subsection of humanity. Last month is was a performance for the blacks, and this month it’s for the ladies. Are you feeling honored, ladies?

The plight of women in today’s modern culture, and their relationship to men, is something the Missoula County Twitter handle seems particular interested in. How else to explain this cute tweet about the age of women Leonardo DiCaprio dates?

And this tweet?

Yes, that’s right, Missoula County REALLY CARES about your health, Montana Men! Do you feel cared for? Do you feel valued? Do you have a good job that allows you to be a provider for your family, perhaps in Missoula’s growing tech sector? Or is the cultural war on masculinity getting you down? Be honest, guys–THIS is a more honest and accurate depiction of what the world is doing to us:

For a post celebrating women, there might be a tad too many DUDE pics so far, so let’s bring some EQUALITY into the picture with a picture of Missoula author and rape apologist, Kirsten Pabst. Oh, she’s also the County Attorney here in Missoula, but that’s more of perfunctory role on the road to bigger and better things.

Do you see our County Attorney? It might be hard to see Pabst, since her face is partially obscured by a crying man, so let me take another screenshot so you can get a better look at the face of selective prosecution in Missoula.

I’d also like to take some virtual space to celebrate two women who have two amazing podcasts. If this blog handed out awards for narrative control, it would be a toss up between Connie Walker’s podcast about Jermain Charlo, titled Stolen, or Jule Banville’s podcast about an old rape case that ripped apart the family of longtime blogger, Mark Tokarski. That podcast is called An Absurd Result.

Here are some questions that would be impolite to ask during a month of celebrating women, but I’ll ask anyway. Is the Stolen podcast helping to provide cover for some dangerous men who aren’t what they seem to be? And is the Absurd podcast leaving out a theory about HOW a rapist came to target this particular house on that fateful night in 1987?

Maybe instead of impolite questions I should ask something else, like wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where EQUALITY meant a chance for voiceless PEOPLE, regardless of their external packaging, to have an opportunity for their grievances to be heard and addressed? Instead we get a virtue-signaling version of equality that’s really just a smokescreen for sewing division so a sociopathic elite can maintain control of as many human cattle as possible.

When this Sunday’s Week in Review gets posted, part of the conversation I’ll be having with my co-host, Allie, will include the potential impact of a new social media filter all the ladies (and a few men) are talking about. To give you an idea of what this filter can do, here are two images that exemplifies its capabilities:

I scrolled through a long Twitter thread of different reactions to this filter, and it’s not good. The need to find an island to move my kids to is feeling less crazy with each passing day.

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