Zoom Chron Interview With William Ramsey Plus Some Articles For Your Consideration

by Travis Mateer

This interview with William Ramsey was recorded on February 22nd and covers a wide range of occult topics. To accompany this interview I’d like to offer a few companion articles to consider. The first one is from the Religious News Service and it’s about the rise of Christian Nationalism in Idaho. From the link:

North Idaho has long been known for its hyperlibertarians, apocalyptic “preppers” and white supremacist groups who have retreated to the region’s sweeping frozen lakes and wild forests to await the collapse of American society, when they’ll assert control over what remains.

But in recent years, the state’s existing separatists have been joined by conservatives fleeing bluer Western states, opportunistic faith leaders, real-estate developers and, most recently, those opposed to COVID-19 restrictions and vaccines. Though few arrived carrying Christian nationalist banners, many have quickly adopted aspects of the ideology to advance conservative causes and seek strength in unity.

The origin of North Idaho’s relationship with contemporary Christian nationalism can be traced to a 2011 blog post published by survivalist author James Wesley, Rawles (the comma is his addition). Titled “The American Redoubt — Move to the Mountain States,” Rawles’ 4,000-word treatise called on conservative followers to pursue “exit strategies” from liberal states and move to “safe havens” in the American Northwest — specifically Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and eastern sections of Oregon and Washington. He dubbed the imagined region the “American Redoubt” and listed Christianity as a pillar of his society-to-be.

The next piece is an essay by Naomi Wolf, which you can read at her Substack page. Here is an excerpt near the beginning where Wolf explains how the events of 2020 led her to consider an idea of non-human agency at work:

I could not explain the way the Western world simply switched, from being based at least overtly on values of human rights and decency, to values of death, exclusion and hatred, overnight, en masse — without resorting to reference to some metaphysical evil that goes above and beyond fallible, blundering human agency.

When ordinary would-be-tyrants try to take over societies, there is always some flaw, some human impulse undoing the headlong rush toward a negative goal. There are always factions, or rogue lieutenants, in ordinary human history; there is always a miscalculation, or a blunder, or a security breach; or differences of opinion at the top. Mussolini’s power was impaired in his entry to the Second World War by being forced to share the role of military commander with King Victor Immanuel [https://www.nationalww2museum.org/war/articles/fascist-king-victor-emmanuel-iii-italy]; Hitler miscalculated his ability to master the Russian weather — right down to overlooking how badly his soldiers’ stylish but flimsy uniforms would stand up to extreme cold. [https://www.defensemedianetwork.com/stories/hitlers-winter-blunder/]. Before he could mount a counter-revolution against Stalinism, Leon Trotsky was assassinated in Mexico City in his bath. [https://www.historytoday.com/archive/months-past/leon-trotsky-assassinated-mexico]

But none of that fracturing or mismanagement of normal history took place in the global rush to “lockdowns”, the rollout of COVID hysteria, of “mandates”, masking, of global child abuse, of legacy media lying internationally at scale and all lying in one direction, of thousands of “trusted messengers” parroting a single script, and of forced or coerced mRNA injections into at least half of the humans on Planet Earth.

I reluctantly came to the conclusion that human agency alone could not coordinate a highly complicated set of lies about a virus, and propagate the lies in perfect uniformity around an entire globe, in hundreds of languages and dialects.

Naomi Wolf, who is Jewish, goes on to describe her impression that being God’s chosen people isn’t an “eternal hall pass” to do whatever one wants. Instead she describes the covenant between followers of God and their supreme divinity as a two-way agreement, meaning the protection extended to covenant-abiding people can be taken away if the deal isn’t honored.

If you don’t think this country is on a fast-track to hell, a few minute on Twitter should be enough to make you question our secular strategies, like what’s happening in today’s schools. Here’s just one Tweet I came across that fucked me up as I was working on this post:

If you’re focusing on the RACE or the GENDER of the aggressor/victim dynamic in this act of evil violence then I think you are missing the larger spiritual forces at play. Or maybe you think spiritual considerations are dumb and without merit in the first place and it’s ONLY about race and gender.

If you gravitate toward the latter interpretation of the violence above, then you’re probably going to see the “American Redoubt” movement as some racist, misogynist retreat by white dudes to play with their guns in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. And maybe you’re right, but even IF that assessment is accurate, that doesn’t automatically mean the idea of a broken covenant with God, and the removal of divine protection, is something to abandon.

After seeing the atrocious video clip above, I came across an article about the Redoubt Movement on Twitter. This article came to me via a scholarly Buddhist I remember from my college days at UM.

From the link:

“I am a separatist, but on religious lines, not racial ones,” Rawles writes. “I have made it abundantly clear throughout the course of my writings that I am an anti-racist. Christians of all races are welcome to be my neighbors. I also welcome Orthodox Jews and Messianic Jews, because we share the same moral framework.”

It is the racial aspects of encouraging people to move to a predominantly white area that has some critics questioning Rawles’ motives. In response, Rawles again emphasizes the religious drive behind the movement.

“I’m a white guy,” he writes. “But I have much more in common with black Baptists or Chinese Lutherans than I do with white Buddhists or white New Age crystal channelers.”

Beneath the tangible guidelines of food storage, self-sufficient energy sources, homeschooling and the like, Rawles’ writings — including the Redoubt essay — conclude with the reminder that a true Redoubter has strong faith. Prayer is as essential as land, food and water for a genuine Rawles-esque survivalist living in the American Redoubt.

“I am hopeful that it is in God’s providential will to extend his covenantal blessings to the American Redoubt,” he writes. “And even if God has withdrawn his blessings from our nation as a whole, he will continue to provide for and to protect His remnant.”

I hope these articles, and the interview with William Ramsey, gets you thinking about what’s happening to this country, and why. I know I’m thinking about it, especially as it relates to my own children, and this will DEFINITELY be a part of the conversation during this week’s review of local headlines, which will be available on Sunday.

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And stay tuned, there is SO MUCH MORE to come!

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  1. webdoodle says:

    I’m still listening to your podcast, and at the moment you are asking how to grow your local subscribers. First off, you’re already doing many of the right things: find your niche, go to local meetings regularly, interview outliers that the Gomerized media ignores, promote on Twitter and Reddit where appropriate, connect with local’s on social media, be aggressive, etc. All of these techniques will gain your subscribers, but the gains will be slow for the first year or so.

    Here are few more tips that may help:

    * You need a “send me tips” email/po box, published on your website. You’ll get spam, but if you don’t have it, you’ll miss important opportunities.
    * Podcasts need to have a transcript. Most people can read 5 times faster than they can listen to a podcast, and with limited time, it’s a preference for many people (including me). Also, those text transcripts will get picked up by search engines and grow your pageviews. I realize that could be laborious, but there may be a speech to text system to speed it up.
    * Comment snipe on social media like Reddit and Twitter. Find people that are outspoken about the topic you are writing about in a specific article, write a response to a recent message they’ve posted, and include a link to a specific article you’ve written. I really prefer this tactic, as you’ll find more long term loyal readers this way. You don’t have to agree with the comment your sniping either, in fact pointing out flaws in there message can attract others effectively. It’s a time consuming tactic on Twitter, but it works quite well on Reddit.
    * Consider letting people advertise directly on your site. Don’t use Google Adsense or other ad networks, just offer monthly rates for links, banners, etc. This is a tough one depending on your sites backend, some make it easy to include headers and footers site wide, others make it nearly impossible.
    * Promote events that the Gomerized media ignores. Examples include Church functions, such as the CLC’s week long Easter play coming up, the Freedom Trucker protest (before it happens so people can get involved), etc.

    In any case, best of luck.

    BTW – Tangentially related: Missoula County is hosting a Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan fairly soon. I’ve gone to it the last couple times, and was responsible for adding Chemical Spills and Wildfires to the Missoula County priorities. Previously they just copied and pasted the Montana States priorities. I was the ONLY private citizen both times, which was a disappointment, but due to the fact that they don’t promote it much. It’s mostly LEO’s, Fire, EMS, Hospitals and other emergency management folks. There is a large prepper community in Western Montana that might enjoy a non-Gomerized article about it.


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