A Chinese Spy Balloon/Eliza Bleu Friday Bonus Post

by Travis Mateer

I’m squeezing these two topics into one bonus post because I find it annoying to even write about this bullshit, but since the viral nature of the topics have thrust them in my face, I’m going to add my two cents because I do have some thoughts to share.

Above is an image of the Chinese balloon first spotted over Billings, Montana. For any readers NOT familiar with the Big Sky State, it’s currently being led by a tech-billionaire Governor who recently banned TikTok from state devices. Also, we’ve become quite the bunker-state for wealthy people to flee to. Could a Chinese “spy” balloon have any national interest in mapping where the wealthy are hiding out in Montana?

This story is also a convenient thing to focus attention on while MORE footage from that creepy Pfizer guy is making the rounds thanks to Project Veritas. Why worry about irregular menstrual cycles when you can worry about CHINA spying on you?

Moving on to Eliza Bleu, here’s an excerpt from a Daily Beast article to catch you up, since you’re probably wondering WHO THE HELL IS ELIZA BLEU? From the link:

With striking lilac hair and a pugnacious attitude, the anti-sex trafficking activist known as Eliza Bleu has broken into some of the top tiers of right-wing media in just a few years, growing her audience through interviews with popular figures like Ben Shapiro, Tim Pool, and Dr. Drew Pinsky.

But in late 2022, Bleu found an even more powerful ally: new Twitter owner Elon Musk.

Bleu, who refers to herself as “a survivor of human trafficking,” has lent the billionaire an unusual form of credibility by insisting that pre-Musk Twitter was overrun with child pornography. Only Musk, Bleu says, has been willing to stamp out the abusive material on Twitter “at scale.” In another tweet, she declared, “The war against Elon Musk is actually a war over your mind.” Musk responded with a bullseye emoji.

Bleu’s praise for Musk comes even as the billionaire has slashed much of Twitter’s staff, including huge numbers of workers responsible for content moderation. For his part, Musk has boosted Bleu’s profile on the site with replies and retweets, helping her earn more than 100,000 new followers in December alone.

“You have a direct line to me on this issue,” Musk told Bleu in a Twitter Space live chat in December.

The controversy that has emerged is mostly surrounding skepticism over Eliza Bleu’s authenticity, and the de-platforming currently underway against those who are trying to do that “trust but verify” thing which you SHOULD BE doing when it comes to a fraught topic like human trafficking.

Something struck me about this subject, considering I just received this book in the mail a few days ago. Could it be the same person?

Since “Eliza Bleu” has used different variations of her name, I sent the publisher an email inquiry. Here is the reply I got back:

Since this is NOT the same person as Eliza Bleu, could one possible outcome of a grifter falsely claiming to be some kind of victim of human trafficking be to bury the search results of a REAL victim of abuse and her book? Could that be a feature of this controversy and not a bug?

I’ll leave it there, for now. It looks like there will be LOTS of things to discuss for this Sunday’s WEEK in REVIEW. So stay tuned, and thanks for reading!

For an added bonus, enjoy this VERY appropriate song from the 80’s.

Have a GREAT weekend!

UPDATE: moronic “local” politician (New York transplant) tweets joyful acceptance of his Chinese overlords:

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5 Responses to A Chinese Spy Balloon/Eliza Bleu Friday Bonus Post

  1. I have updated this post to include a moronic tweet from Danny Tenenbaum.

  2. MTPATRIQT says:

    💥💥😎Chinese Spy Balloon….can we see how easy it is to control the minds of a population with “The Power of Suggestion “?? The majority latch on to these simple ideals without going within and digging at all. Perhaps it could simply be another NASA Satellite? Doesn’t take much effort to start connecting dots of the satellite hoax. Nothing is happening out there except for soft drip disclosure daily.

  3. DeeDee Lynn says:

    Meanwhile, Lowell and Tami of LifeGuard are saying ‘why didn’t we think of that?’

  4. webdoodle says:

    The Chinese spy balloon is another diversion tactic of the narrative controllers. If it was a real spy balloon, the U.S. wouldn’t have broadcast it on the corporate media for 72 hours, and wouldn’t have shot it down, they would have captured it. Look to history for examples: Glomar explorer, U2 Pilot Gary Powers, Iran GPS spoofing U.S. drones to land at there bases, etc.

    Not only would recovering the ‘spy balloon’ give us technical details on there ability to spy, it would be used as anti-propaganda to prove the point, with actual evidence to back it up. Now, conveniently, all the evidence is destroyed.

    Before some asshat tries to claim I’m some kind of lefty China sympathisizer, I’ll point out that I have repeatedly called for investigations into China’s spying going back to 2000, when I was managing Montana Commerce department servers that were regularly being attacked by script-kiddie hackers from China, all the way up to 2020, before my Reddit account was suspended and all my comments on /r/Intelligence removed.

    China needs to be reminded that spying has consequences, but that doesn’t mean we need to instigate a full on war, which is what the narrative controllers seem to want.

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