The Local Fake News Story That Got Traction Because Trust In Authority Has Gone To Shit

by Travis Mateer

I’m not sure why I held off on the report of a body found near the California Street Bridge, but I did, and it looks like the whole thing ended up being fake. So fake that the story is now that the initial story was fake. From the link (emphasis mine):

On October 6, 2022, at approximately 10:34 a.m., the Missoula Police Department issued a statement regarding a social media post that was beginning to go viral.

Police Public Information Officer Lydia Arnold provided the following information.

“Unfortunately, this social media post has gained traction and caused unnecessary concern in our community,” Arnold said. “The post contains only false information. The safety of Missoula’s residents is our top priority. We work hard to ensure people feel safe to live, work, recreate, and visit our hometown.”

Even though Missoula’s Public Information Officer, Lydia Arnold, said this was all bunk, the idea didn’t just dissipate into the ether:

The social media post deemed fake by the authorities mentioned multiple bodies found stabbed in a similar fashion, and the term “serial killer” was even used.

This fake story is coming on the heels of the town of Clinton, just east of Missoula on I-90, being told there is NO THREAT to the public after an 88 year old woman was found beaten and non-responsive with no suspect in custody. From the link (emphasis mine):

Deputies responded to a report of an assault in the 5600 block of Donovan Creek Road just after noon.

On scene, deputies found Delphine A. Farmer, 88, unresponsive. Farmer was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Officials say a person has not been taken into custody in relation to the homicide and there is no risk to the public at this time.

Anyone who reads that bold part is subjecting themselves to the cognitive dissonance of state power.

In addition to downplaying what might threaten the public, there’s also that SWAT training that wasn’t a training, the guy shot by authorities near the airport who went unnamed for nearly a month, and other incidents that raise questions that don’t have good answers.

It’s too bad local media had to waste time setting the record straight on this weird fake news because there was a MUCH bigger event happening on Thursday, and that’s the appearance of Missoula County’s VERY FIRST pet commissioner!

Yes, that’s right, a PET commissioner. Why? Because cuteness is a weapon even those who know better can’t resist.

Coming up on Sunday, I think I’ve discovered a magic button authorities have access to, and you won’t believe what it can do.

Thanks for reading!

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