A Felonious Knee To The Balls Vs. A Misdemeanor Punch To The Face

by Travis Mateer

When I went on KGVO last week it was to discuss the violent incident that occurred last month during a cleanup at the Reserve Street camps, specifically the rationale to only charge the homeless sex offender who assaulted TWO staff from MDT (Montana Department of Transportation) with ONE misdemeanor assault.

To contrast the misdemeanor punches to the face sustained by one MDT staff, here is a story about a felonious knee to the balls. I guess that’s what can happen when law enforcement responds to a passed out individual rendered unconscious by the substances he consumed from, I’m assuming, the casino where he was found.

This is what happened next (emphasis definitely mine):

According to court documents, Littlelight became aggressive with a female employee of the casino. An officer spoke to the female who said she found Littlelight unconscious on the ground outside in an awkward position and tried to wake him up, which was not effective, so she called 911. 

Medical staff was able to wake Littlelight. When Littlelight saw the female, he began calling her names and making comments about her weight. One of the firefighters said Littlelight’s behavior was out of hand and stepped between the female and Littlelight to protect her. 

Officers placed Littlelight under arrest for assault. Littlelight was yelling and cursing at officers. Littlelight kept trying to turn around and resist arrest. While officers were holding Littlelight, he kicked an officer in the testicles with his knee. The kick is visible on officers’ patrol and body-worn cameras.

Littlelight is currently being charged with felony assault on a peace officer, assault, and disorderly conduct.

So, the obvious question in my mind is this: what justifies the disparity in the charges? If one recalls my earlier reporting (links above), or my appearance on the radio, the excuse I was given by Sheriff Deputy Jessop as to why the homeless sex offender only received a misdemeanor was due to the LACK of fear by the victim.

Does that mean the police officer was TERRIFIED of the homeless native man who had, moments before, been unconscious until roused by medical staff?

I’m glad medical staff were already on hand for the arrest because this is what Dean Littlelight looked like after he was booked for a felonious knee to the testicles of law enforcement:

It’s so confusing trying to find rhyme or reason in our criminal justice system. That doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying, though.

Thanks for reading!

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