Is The Missoula County Sheriff’s Department Trying To Prove This World Is A Cartoon Clown World?

by Travis Mateer

In the hypothetical “reporting” style of Gomer Kidston, I’m alerting readers to the possibility that the Missoula County Sheriff’s Department COULD be trying to prove this world is a cartoon clown world.

How else am I supposed to understand this tweet?

The fact the Missoula County Sheriff’s Department is trying to “find” something, combined with the adorable sensitivity to a wooden nipple, indicates (at least to me) the possibility that proving the world is a cartoon is what they’re trying to do.

Or maybe I’m wrong.

In other cartoon clown news, KGVO is reporting that Nick Checota’s Top Hat (where the music stopped playing) will be going green and selling food to the captured audience feeding that OTHER Checota business.

From the link:

It seems like everything is starting to line up for the 2022 summer concert season at KettleHouse Amphitheater! We find ourselves in a better spot with COVID than we’ve been in the last two years and the weather looks like it wants to start cooperating and providing some warmer temperatures. And don’t forget, we also filled in the details on one of the most important aspects of a concert night – the food that will be served as part of the Top Hat menu at the concession stands! I would say we’re definitely ready for a few months of live outdoor music! As we get ready for the first KettleHouse show on May 24, Logjam Presents is reminding us all about how to be a sustainable concertgoer and help good ol’ Mother Earth as we have our fair share of fun.

Isn’t this a wonderful FREE ad for TWO of Nick Checota’s businesses? Must be nice to have your ass saved by Covid money. How much did that lawyer say (who emailed me because his client is suing Nick) he found out Checota got in loot? Over six million, I think.

Yes, I think there definitely COULD be an effort afoot to prove this world is a flipping cartoon. And local media is helping prop it up.

Thanks for reading!

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