CDC Gives School Board Cowards Cover For Backing Down Amidst Parental Sentiment Summed Up In One Word: ENOUGH!

by Travis Mateer

On Saturday I got the good news, delivered by my wife, that my kids will be attending school on Monday WITHOUT masks. My wife was attending my middle kid’s basketball dinner, and EVERYONE was elated at the news, including the coach, who is a family physician and started a petition to stop the bullshit.

What finally stopped the bullshit is the CDC gave the school board cowards cover to do what we, the parents who had had enough, had already determined was GOING to happen.

If I wasn’t trying to maintain my hyper-localism right now, I’d give some of my energy to make sure the Biden cartel and all its little “d” enablers get decimated in the midterm elections.

But the problem is MUCH bigger than partisan politics.

This week I’m gonna really demonstrate what citizen journalism looks like in Zoom Town as the cold snap snaps and the second month of 2022 moves into round 3. Why? Because the media is a BIG part of the problem.

While no local media covered the commentary provided by parents last week, KGVO is sure excited to give the lead coward, Rob Watson, a chance to appear like the fast-acting hero of the day.

Watson said it was a shock to see the CDC recommendation, but he immediately made the announcement pertaining to masks on Monday.

“I think all of us are still a little bit shocked that things changed that quickly,” he said. I mean, I know the CDC had been talking about changing their numbers but it all came out at one o’clock today and we had to react pretty quickly and make some decisions before 4:00 p.m. and I think everyone was just kind of feeling a little bit shocked to see things change that quickly. But you know, that’s been the nature of the pandemic is that things kind of change overnight it seems, so I guess we’re kind of getting used to that.”

One of the realities that will emerge next week is the fact the Covidian op-ed writers, who so desperately want everyone to think parents like me are a FRINGE minority, are absolutely WRONG in their depiction. Even the coward Rob Watson seems to be acknowledging this at the end of the article:

“Of course they’ll probably still be some kids that feel more comfortable wearing masks because COVID is still in our community, which is fine,” he said. “We want to be clear with our parents as well that it’s not necessary that they don’t have to go without masks. They can still wear them if they want to, but there’ll be a lot of kids I’m sure that will be glad that they don’t have to.”

Yes, Rob Watson, the kids who haven’t been reduced to cowering heaps of fear by the true-believing adults in their lives are happy to leave the virtue-signaling cloth jokes at home.

As for parents like me, the memory of what’s been done to our children WILL NOT FADE just because the CDC has finally told these fucking cowards to stop smothering my kids with their fear policies.

Now, let’s see who these condescending board members want to replace Watson with. I’ll be watching, cowards.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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2 Responses to CDC Gives School Board Cowards Cover For Backing Down Amidst Parental Sentiment Summed Up In One Word: ENOUGH!

  1. webdoodle says:

    Conveniently, COVID-19 magically became non-threatening the moment the World Economic Forum Young Global Leader Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine, and all the mainstream media immediately forgot about Covid. Pivoting from virus fear to war fear so fast, but clumsily, I’m sure the woke folks in the mainstream media have whiplash themselves. If that isn’t enough fear to scare people into submission, I’m sure North Korea will launch another missile into the Sea of Japan (oops they did that already), or maybe China will fly some jets over Taiwan (oops they did that too).

    Wait, you mean people aren’t scared enough and the People’s Convoy is still coming regardless of all the fear porn? What other fear card can WEF play? CyberAttack, Alient Attack, Natural Disaster? Tune into CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit for more of this developing story…..

  2. Zettalee Dennis says:

    I was fired from my job at Sentinel HS kitchen because I refused to abide by the mask mandates. Although I had an exemption, I also saw how it was affecting the students…many wore the same mask day after day, and they were filthy. But I also recognized the depression and anxiety they were exhibiting…so I refused the policy. I was hired as a part-time kitchen helper, but when everyone left I was placed into the role of head cook for several weeks…never wearing a mask. They worked me for 11-12 hours a day until they finally found a head cook and an asst. Head cook…THEN they approached me about my lack of masking. They fired me because I refused to relent to their draconian policy.
    I am currently going after their bonds. They (school board) did not listen to us when we tried to address our grievances…they have failed in their duties, and took Gov’t bribes of thousands of dollars to keep the kids under these harmful, draconian protocols for the money they accepted!

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