My January 1st Cannabis Customer Experience

by Travis Mateer

According to the Montana Department of Revenue, the first weekend of legal Cannabis sales netted $1,566,980.00 dollars in revenue. Here’s the quick breakdown:

An estimated 380 dispensaries in 29 counties are now able to sell marijuana to both medical and recreational customers. The Montana Department of Revenue reported that they recorded a combined $1,566,980 in marijuana sales on Saturday and Sunday.

I contributed about $140 dollars to that number on Saturday when I went to the Greenhouse Farmacy for a half ounce of sativa. I walked away with 14 grams of Durban Poison, a heady strain with a high THC rating (27.5%). The only problem? It wasn’t until January 4th that I actually figured out how the container is supposed to be opened.

Was it the marijuana that rendered me too stupid to navigate this container? Maybe. But now I know you push the bottom to raise the container INSIDE the container up, which is good to know, because the way I was doing it was going to lead to injury.

While there are lots of people responsible for making weed legal in Montana, the person I’m most interested in speaking with is Kate Cholewa. Here’s a tweet on the eve of legalization that gives some insight into one person’s perspective on this gargantuan effort:

I would read the shit out of that novel, so I hope Kate is getting to work on writing it.

If I was writing that novel I would have a chapter on the businesses to NOT support with your weed dollars. The top of my DO NOT PATRONIZE list would be GROOVE Cannabis. Why? Because its owned by Nick Checota, the Wisconsin transplant with a music venue monopoly who maintains a strong business presence in Missoula thanks to Cares Act bailouts.

Here’s a screenshot of the Secretary of State website showing Nick’s ownership of Groove:

And here’s a screenshot of the slick marketing you’ll get if you visit the GROOVE CANNABIS website:

I’ll be writing more about the people influencing and benefiting from legal cannabis in Montana in the months to come. One article worth revisiting is my post titled The Kimberly Dudik Policy Pimping 5 Dollar All You Can Smoke Zoom Meeting I Paid To Attend So You Don’t Have To. This article will give you an idea of some of the political players involved, and how they are positioning themselves to benefit from the legislation they developed and passed.

Thanks for reading!

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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