Take Me To The Roxy, A Poem

by William Skink

Tomorrow I’ll be writing up a profile on the SECOND venue to deny me a location to show a little film I’ve been working on. Until then, a poem:

take me to the Roxy
fill my stein with Coke 
or Pepsi, I don't care 
the whole thing is a joke

conveying this in theater
is not an easy task
with cowards selling popcorn
and mics that could be tapped

why such a tizzy when
we scratch and sniff their TIF? 
motherfuckers, please
it's such an easy lift 

ugly metal sculpture dogs
and dumb reflection parks 
with daytime zombie fix hounds
coughing up their sparks

Talbot CIA and merry
I am Rhodes 
from the very get-go
shooting off their loads

it's all right there, serfs
if you care to see
beyond the learned helplessness
that wafts from their degrees

and I don't mean the temperature
of their crisis play
but paper-thin credentials
they spell-cast to evade

a coming realignment 
away from their control
when we show up to dismantle
their committee of the whole 

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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6 Responses to Take Me To The Roxy, A Poem

  1. Greg Strandberg says:

    Is this the Engen film I’ve been hearing about?

  2. Pete W Talbot says:

    You’re a bitter young man. Maybe when you hit my age, you’ll realize that life isn’t always fair, that not everyone sees things the way you do and you can’t always get what you want. BTW, I’m at my father’s bedside right now in St. Pat’s ICU. He has a few hours left, I believe, but at 91, he has led a good, full life and been a great father. Perhaps you won’t need to take pot shots at him anymore in your posts.

    • I’m glad you get to share final moments. Sean Stevenson’s family didn’t get that opportunity before he was euthanized.

    • Greg Strandberg says:

      Pete, have you considered doing guest posts to get your word out? I’m sure Martin Kidston over at Missoula Current would love to have you as a weekly columnist. I can’t speak for Travis, but I’d be fine with you posting a weekly article on my site. You have good opinions that many Montanans would love to hear. There are so few voices out there these days. We could use your perspective, Pete…even if we don’t agree with it.

  3. “…with cowards selling popcorn
    and mics that could be tapped…”


    A venue turned down a proposed showing, so trashing the workers is sweet revenge?

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