Engen’s Missoula Dot Com Is Now Live, Go Check It Out!

by Travis Mateer

Yes, that is the announcement, made here, virtually, instead of megaphonely at the spectacle that went on at the Dough Boy statue today.

Engen’s Missoula is now LIVE.

When you go to www dot engensmissoula dot com you will find a three minute video featuring City Council person Jesse Ramos describing how Tax Increment Financing works in Missoula, and WHO it works FOR. It’s a great little piece of videography and a sign of MORE good things to come.

Tax Increment Financing didn’t work for Joe Popovich, a Veteran who died homeless in Missoula years ago when I worked at the homeless shelter (I read a poem about Joe today, with my megaphone, after the official ceremony was over).

And TIF didn’t work for Brandon Bryant, the Veteran I interviewed a few weeks ago, who faced 10 years in prison AFTER a risky stint overseas directing drone strikes and whistle-blowing about it.

The irony of what I observed today is the result of not putting enough care and thought into what it takes to be heard.

The people sent by our Congressional delegates to read prepared statements were absolutely drowned out by the traffic. Our Governor, who was present with his wife, was a little easier to hear. Someone in the crowd asked me if my megaphone worked, implying I should lend it to the struggling speakers, but I told the man I didn’t want to be blamed for making them ill if they caught the sniffles.

While my megaphone DID help my words carry over the snow and small talk, by far the loudest thing heard at that event was the three shot salute by the honor guard.

Thank you for your service, Veterans of foreign wars.

Now stop that bitching about little needles and TAKE THE JAB FOR UNCLE SAM!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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1 Response to Engen’s Missoula Dot Com Is Now Live, Go Check It Out!

  1. TC says:

    Oh Willy – havent you heard!?! We are too stupid to understand the complexities of TIF. Just ask Mayor (for Life) Engen, MRA Director Buchanan, MRA Board member (and Union lawyer -Hahaha)
    Karl Englund, or owner of the Trailhead, Mr Franks. They have all been telling us that TIF is wonderful and has made Missoula a better place. In fact, as they have said, we would not have a downtown (because of the Mall) and then we would not have a Mall (because of Reserve Street).
    We are just too dumb (even tho sky blue California got rid of TIF due to corruption) to truly understand how public money gets siphoned to private concerns.
    Get in line Will – make yourself a non-profit, give yourself a 6K Executive Officer Salary and let that sweet, sweet Government funding rain down on you. You just have to learn to understand …or at least learn to accept

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