A Very Synchromystic Morning

by Travis Mateer

I began the day with a question: to megaphone or NOT to megaphone. That was my question.

I checked in with a trusted ally who helps me NOT Bota Box my feelings. He confirmed the trend: family structures are being severely damaged, sometimes beyond repair.

I biked around noting the cool edge of autumn air burning off as the sun climbed higher in the sky. I parked the bike to continue on foot.

On the renamed Higgins bridge I sent a cryptic email to a fellow synchronistic that read, in part:

This will happen because will is my middle name and Kora is a bird and if you let me I can put my chapel of the dove into your Costner field of dreams.

I checked the time: 11:02am. I kept walking.

I stopped at a bookstore looking for Krakauer’s book about Missoula, but Garth didn’t have it in stock. He seemed a little perturbed at how I asked for “the rape book about the rape apologists who still run this town”.

Instead, wanting to support local business, I found a book by the filmmaker who likes to makes movies and tv shows about his incest rape fantasies. Here’s an excerpt:

I went to a psychiatrist once. I was doing something that had become a pattern in my life, and I thought, Well, I should go talk to a psychiatrist. When I got into the room, I asked him, “Do you think that this process could, in any way, damage my creativity?” And he said, “Well, David, I have to be honest: it could.” And I shook his hand and left.

After this purchase I stopped into the Peace Center where I discovered the director, Betsy, has retired. I was told the name of the new director, but quickly forgot, as the Peace Center is essentially useless beyond peddling “fair-trade” trinkets.

I did inquire of the young woman working the register if she was aware a black man had been shot and killed by Sheriff Deputies two and a half weeks ago. She was not.

I crossed the river and found the Rape book at Fact and Fiction, where the woman working the register ALSO had no clue a black man had been recently shot by Sheriff Deputies. How could she? His race hasn’t been reported, and the Sheriff’s Department continues to remain tight-lipped about any context to what happened on August 29th.

I returned to my studio with my purchases and found a book I ordered waiting for me. It’s the book I bought after listening to the synchromystic discuss his field of dreams.

And when I checked my email I saw his response. After much back and forth I will speaking with the synchromystic on Sunday. Which is my birthday. Which is perfect.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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2 Responses to A Very Synchromystic Morning

  1. Johnnie Ulrigg says:

    Holy shit I cannot read that book without getting triggered on my PTSD

    First of all Guy baker is a fumbling bumbling idiot for an excuse of a human being

    It might be prior to your time but the mayor admonished a former Missoula police officer for speaking out about how the rape culture was being hidden by the University of Montana this became a very public issue as in and told the police officer to write a letter of apology to the University of Montana

    So anyways that’s just another bastion of the hundreds of stories that I know about creepy people in this town that are in power

    Again grew up with Guy baker so did John engen

    There’s a world of dirty easy slime balls in this town and I can give you a lot of the connections that you may not know

    There’s reasons they meet me and it’s not because I don’t know what I’m talking about

  2. TC says:

    Travis – Im so confused! Johnny Lee murdered Sean Stevens (a good dude).
    Johny Lee walked free and threatened many people – he was a piece of shit murderer.
    After all your emphasis about Sean (blog posts and EVERY post cast) why do you now give two shits about a piece of shit?
    Did he deserve to die- probably not. Did he get every benefit of the doubt while being a murderer. Yep. He could have changed his life and thanked his …. for getting a 2nd chance. Instead he kept being a POS and it got him killed. If I was a Sean family member I would have loved to pull the trigger!
    Johny Lee was evil – he was a piece of shit. Missoula (and the world) is now better that he is gone.
    Next time you winge about poor Fucker Johny please remember Sean!!!
    Fuck man!

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