We Fight Mask Mandates Today Because Tomorrow It’s The Jab

by Travis Mateer

When I posted a link to this fundraiser to legally challenge the Missoula school system’s mask mandate, a healthcare professional I used to work closely with at the Poverello Center had this to say:

This is ludicrous. A week after these folks attended the school board meeting to protest mask mandates; they were on social media lamenting because school staff in attendance of that meeting; hadn’t worn masks at the meeting and were later diagnosed with covid and had exposed those at the meeting. This is a virus it doesn’t take sides. People need to quit this political division b.s. and work together to control it. Everyone’s wailing about their “freedom and rights” meanwhile we are exhausting our healthcare professionals and taxing the healthcare system. Occasionally we are asked to operate for the greater good. This is one of those times. Most folks today, haven’t previously lived through a pandemic and it shows.

What this healthcare professional doesn’t seem to understand is that mask mandates today will be closely followed by vaccine requirements tomorrow. Requirements FOR KIDS–kids who face a STATISTICALLY MINISCULE risk of serious health outcomes from Covid.

De facto vaccine requirements for the financially disadvantaged are ALREADY being covertly deployed. Don’t believe me?

If you go to the 1 hour 47 minute mark of this episode of the Union of the Unwanted, you will hear Jason Bermas talk about his niece’s experience in Iowa getting the required health physical to attend school.

The snag his family ran into is this: because his nieces have Medicaid in Iowa, they were allegedly denied appointments THREE TIMES due to their vaccine records being incomplete, so Bermas said they had to pay out-of-pocket at a different doctor’s office for the health physical.

I don’t understand how people can accept this degree of coercion by the “health” systems that dominate what kind of care people can receive. Even a fucking physical.

Instead of trying to understand how “caring” people have been cognitively weaponized against those skeptical of public/private “health” mandates, I go to Twitter to reflect the madness I see.

Like seeing an opportunity to jab when someone expresses extreme exhaustion at the onslaught of pressure to accept penetration:

If you think I sound like a psychopathic rapist, YOU ARE CORRECT! The problem is this reflection will probably barely register to the cultists of scientism who have lost their fucking minds. My tweet may even sound reasonable.

I know parody is almost dead, and other forms of social critique must be banished for our safety, but until I get tossed into the reeducation camp at Ft. Missoula, I’ll keep doing what I can to inject my perspective into the local body-politic.

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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