On The Futility Of Getting A Local Neoliberal Establishment To Care About The Death Of A Black Man And What I’m Going To Do About It

by Travis Mateer

Once upon a time I voted for Democrats. It’s true.

When I was younger, I believed we had two distinct political parties in America, and I believed the Democrats were the ones who supported civil liberties and stood against immoral wars of choice imposed on the world by evil Republicans.

That was before I realized how easy it is to get Democrat voters to support things they once opposed. Hate war? Then just call it a HUMANITARIAN INTERVENTION! Hate kids in cages? Then just call it a FACILITY!

When I think about Democrats now, I think about race-obsessed mobs of brainwashed youth who have been weaponized by sophisticated propagandists into enthusiastically embracing the hydra-headed beast known as cancel culture.

These unwitting victims, who outsource their critical thinking to sociopaths, now love the BIG corporations who dominate the tech and health sectors, they HATE free speech, and they don’t give two shits about war as long as it’s a Democrat dropping the bombs.

After two terms of Obama, I was done with Democrats. And after one term of Trump, Democrats were done with any pretense that their principles mean a goddamn thing. The gloves are off and the ugliness is on full display for those with eyes to see.

But what if their eyes have been blinded?

In my post yesterday about the Montana Human Rights Network, City Council candidate J. Kevin Hunt made a lengthy a comment that is informative and worth reading, but it’s not Hunt’s comment that bothers me. It’s the comment right above his from Sean Stevenson’s father, Dr. Kenneth Stevenson, that eats at me, because I KNOW there are plenty of caring people in Missoula who would be OUTRAGED about what happened to Sean if they knew about it.

Here’s the comment:

The answer to Dr. Stevenson’s question is no, there ARE people behind the scenes helping me understand what happened to his son at a homeless shelter in Missoula, Montana, but sometimes it does feel like I’m screaming into the roar of the ocean, which I was recently reminded is quite futile.

Part of my frustration stems from knowing how impactful this 90 minute interview is. The reason I’m so confident in making that claim is because I have given the elevator pitch dozens and dozens of times: a black man was assaulted and removed from life support two days later WITHOUT HIS FAMILY BEING NOTIFIED.

That’s all I have to say when I’m in person speaking with someone to get their attention, because HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN?

So, as Biden bombs brown people, and the Montana Human Rights Network springs into action over a broken window, I’m going to look for support, and will raise awareness, beyond the borders of Missoula.

The inclusive equity crowd in this town has had their chance, and they blew it. Instead they are collectively proving the old maxims that talk is cheap, and actions speak louder than words.

Stay tuned…

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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    Bravo! Keep going!

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