A Synchro-Mystic Primer For Newbies

by Travis Mateer

In a poem I posted yesterday titled It’s On I call myself a Synchro-Mystic. Well, what the heck is a that? Good question.

The term was coined back in 2006 by Jake Kotze and essentially takes the Jungian concept of synchronicity and adds mysticism to it. For a better description, check out this article. Here’s an excerpt from Kotze as quoted in the article:

“My idea about the significance of meaningful coincidences in movies with mystical connotation is not that it points towards real truths, but that they point towards possible realities that might emerge from the collective psyche into consensus reality. We vie and jostle for acceptable limits of consensus reality through our art and philosophy. Our ideas and concepts about reality are the very fabric of reality itself. We try to sell each other beliefs in a creative effort to allow new ‘things’ to emerge into the accepted matrix of the now. I don’t fundamentally fret about what ‘is’ real; I care about checking the zeitgeists’ temperature in order to project future possibilities of acceptable norms and find hidden pockets of knowledge embedded in the pattern of ‘AUM’.”

Synchronicities–or meaningful coincidences–seem to be happening for me at an accelerating rate. I’ll give you the most recent example, which happened yesterday, to give a better idea of how this phenomenon plays out for me.

I watched the movie Jacob’s Ladder after several recent references to this film indicated I needed to watch it. Near the end of the film Tim Robbins’ character meets a chemist by the name of Michael Newman who tells him about the experimental drug given to the men that caused them to go berserk and kill each other.

Later that day I was listening to Sam Tripoli’s spiritual podcast, called Zero (on Rokfin). The guest was talking about life after death and reincarnation. When he mentioned the name of a therapist–Michael Newton–the sound was so similar to Michael Newman that I experienced a powerful synchronicity.

Another recent batch of synchronicities occurred for me around the author Jasun Horsley, who is actually referenced in the synchronistic wikipedia entry. I contacted Jasun weeks ago about doing an interview for my podcast and, after an initial response, I didn’t hear back for awhile. Then I ran across his brother’s book at the Loose Moose downtown, and a few days later (last Sunday actually) after referencing Jasun’s work in two separate conversations, he emailed me.

If I was a skeptic on this topic then I could easily just dismiss all this as coincidence, but that is NOT what I think is going on here. What exactly IS going on, I’m not sure, but it appears to be a rich vein of spiritual inquiry, so I’m going to mine the crap out of it.

Another writer often cited as a synchromystic precursor is Robert Anton Wilson. I’m going to be including aspects of his esoteric research, including Chaos Magick and Discordianism, into my own work.

I hope this fascinating topic of spiritual thought finds more open minds to explore it because the expansive possibilities are so much more invigorating than anything the limited secular materialist paradigm can produce.

If you are intrigued by this, stay tuned, there will be much more to come…

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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