The Politics Of The Mask Mandate

by Travis Mateer

I wanted the guest I was interviewing yesterday to have some water, so I ran to a cafe downtown to purchase a bottle. Halfway there I realized I didn’t have my mask, so instead I took my zip-off hood and placed against my face with my hand.

When I entered the store the barista immediately told me I needed a mask. I gave a muffled reply, saying I just needed a bottle of water and that I was doing my best to cover my face. She was clearly frustrated, but allowed me to toss two crumpled dollar bills on the counter.

I don’t have ANY animosity toward the hourly wage slave who was put in the position of enforcing a ridiculous, ineffective and counterproductive mask requirement. The people who deserve the animosity are the ones who claim SCIENCE is driving this instead of what’s really happening: psychologically conditioned passivity for their new strain of totalitarianism.

Since mask true believers don’t understand the primacy of the political symbolism (and the worthlessness of the stated purpose of wearing masks), they think Montana’s Republican Governor is out to harm them and our community. So, to show Governor Gianforte the power of Missoula’s virtue-signaling beliefs, Missoula County is keeping their precious mask mandate:

In anticipation of the potential rollback of a statewide mask mandate with a change in state leadership, the Missoula City-County Board of Health adopted a rule in December that extended statewide directives put in place by former Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock and local orders.

Gianforte was sworn in Jan. 4. Montana has been under a statewide mask mandate since July for counties with four or more active cases of COVID-19, and Bullock extended the requirement to all counties regardless of active case counts in November.

The local rule will remain in effect until revoked or revised by the Missoula City-County Health Board. Missoula City-County Health Officer and Board of Health director Ellen Leahy said some of the newer restrictions — such as the requirement for bars, restaurants and casinos to operate at 50% capacity and close at 10 p.m. — may be lifted if Missoula County’s seven-day average of new case incidence rate lowers to 25 cases per 100,000 population for a period of at least two weeks.

This is ALL political. If it was about the science then we would have had a ROBUST conversation about the PCR test and the need to standardize the cycle threshold in order to minimize the chances of false positives.

But that didn’t happen. Why? Because you need to just STFU and take your poke. Don’t think about false positives and cycle thresholds and pathogenic priming and messenger RNA and your immune system and the great disappearing act of influenza. Thinking could lead to questions and questions could lead to hesitancy and hesitancy means you don’t take an experimental vaccine produced at warp speed while skipping animal trials.

The good news is thinking hasn’t been declared illegal yet by our illuminated braintrust, so until I am banned from using my brain I am going to continue exercising my critical thinking skills in assessing what the actual risk is.

I suggest you do the same. Thanks for reading.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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12 Responses to The Politics Of The Mask Mandate

  1. Big Swede says:

    Looks like our new state AG is not going to let unelected health officials close down local businesses.

    If Zoo town was so concerned about reducing the spread of the China flu they’d cancel the hordes of out of state and regional college students confined on their campus.

    • I know you’re not stupid, but when you call it the “China” flu it makes you sound dumb.

      • Big Swede says:

        Heard of the West NileVirus?

        Smart people avoid our Overlords PC labels and assign blame where it belongs.

        • I have heard of West Nile Virus, but have YOU heard where the first cases of SPANISH flu came from?

          In 1918 the United States was involved in World War I, but was also dealing with the outbreak of a deadly influenza epidemic. The first cases of the outbreak were recorded in Haskell County, Kansas, and Fort Riley, Kansas, where young men were being hospitalized for severe flu-like symptoms. A local doctor sent a report to the Public Health Service, but no one was sent to investigate the situation. On March 4, 1918, an outbreak appeared at Fort Riley, with as many as 500 soldiers hospitalized within a week. Within a month, however, the number of patients dwindled and it seemed that the flu had passed its course. Many of these soldiers were sent to Europe to help fight in World War I. While in Europe the disease mutated and became deadly.

  2. Dennis Gene Flagen says:

    Well it appears masks will be required certainly in Missoula till at least end of April as Biden just announced he will have a federal mask mandate for 100 days. It will be on all Federal property and all interstate transportation such as trains and planes. So obviously federal property mean our national parks and national forest. He is going to ask all governors to go along so will happen in all blue states for sure. Since local health boards in Montana still have that power to enforce certainly will be in Missoula County as any law to overturn by Montana legislature wouldn’t become law till July. Nothing was said how would be enforced such as fines etc. The mask mandate is hurting business so I guess in the end will there be any small independent business survive. I guess Walmart, Amazon,Cisco and Target will be fine. My daughter was in Barnes and Noble bookstore last Friday in Missoula. She said the staff was aggressive and rude about masks if they slipped down on ones noses that they were right on the person. I told not to be to hard on staff as they were the low paid workers with no choice but follow corp. orders or lose their job. She said she would go to Kalispell now to shop. She said the whole town had a feel of on edge non welcoming. Certainly not the laid back feeling the city claims they are.

    • I talked to an older guy downtown about being kicked out of a place for not having his mask over his nose. how many times to people TOUCH their mask? how many people put their masks in pockets or never wash the ridiculous fabric ones? I put my little disposable piece of shit pretense in my pocket all the time.

      I overheard a woman at the Good Food Store tell her friend how her mask actually kills viruses. yeah, and I’M the crazy one.

  3. Eric says:

    You need to stop thinking.

    Just because everybody is wearing a mask, yet everybody is still getting infected has nothing to do with mask effectiveness!

  4. Kenneth T. says:

    ‘They’ demand I wear a mask – ‘They’ WILL supply it.
    My employer does just that.

  5. Djinn&tonic says:

    Speaking of thinking… It’s nice seeing these used disposable bio-hazard masks all laying around the town. One would think, that bio-hazard trash cans would be everywhere maybe TIF, … Better than syringes everywhere I guess … /S

    • Kenneth T. says:

      I’ve been saying the discarded masks were a biological/medical hazard since the beginning, but because I have no ‘alphabet’ lettering after my name – I am a nobody and not worthy of any notice.

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