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by William Skink

It’s weird making moves to monetize content, and very much outside my comfort zone, but at the same time it’s exciting because I’m joining other content creators doing the same thing, like Sam Tripoli.

The Tin Foil Hat podcast was my entry point into a new platform I am now a subscriber to, called Rokfin. They’ve got Tripoli’s spiritual podcast, Zero, and other amazing contributors, like Whitney Webb, Jimmy Dore, Ryan Christian and more.

Today I submitted an application to join the contributors at Rokfin, so I’m hoping to hear something back in a couple of days. I can think of no better hosting site for my weird videos currently gathering dust on Youtube.

At Substack I just released the third installment of my serial work of “fiction” called Zula. So far I’m keeping everything public because my agenda is to lure you into my narrative, then throw up the paywall for subscriptions.

I should warn readers that the third installment has a violent scene that mirrors what happened to a local homeless man last month. I had written this scene around 4 years ago, so am a little unsettled at the synchronicity.

On Instagram I’ve started posting pictures of my art journal, or what my kids call “dad’s sticker book”. But it’s so much more than just stickers; it includes ephemera from my past, images of cultural icons, ink doodles, and poems, all mixed together in strange collages.

Other ways to support my work include the donation button at my about page, buying my book of poetry at the ZACC’s online artist shop, and going LIVE and IN PERSON to the Loose Moose in downtown Missoula (219 N. Higgins Ave.).

If all this is not enough, I’m recording interviews now for a podcast I plan to be launching very soon, and just in time to join the SINISTER SOUNDS OF DISINFORMATION claimed by this scaremongering Guardian article.

Maybe podcasters like Joe Rogan wouldn’t be so popular if traditional media hadn’t become such obvious propaganda platforms for the parasitic oligarch class.

I’m excited for 2021, and I hope you are to

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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