Now Is Your Chance To Own A Little Ink From The Skink!

by William Skink

I’m excited to announce an opportunity to buy a little ink from the Skink.

Why buy ink from the Skink? Because it feels so good to SUPPORT LOCAL ARTISTS!

But wait, seventeen units of US fiat currency known as “dollars” sounds like a lot of money to spend on 44 poems. Is there other incentives for the purchasing of this book of poetry, like TAX INCREMENT FINANCING?

While purchasing this book through the Zootown Arts Community Center’s Online Artist Shop doesn’t qualify you for TIF funding, it DOES direct a portion of your money to the ZACC’s fantastic programs.

So you aren’t just kicking me a few bucks for writing some kick-ass poems, you are ALSO helping feed the art-spark for others.

Maybe thinking philanthropically isn’t your thing. For you hardcore capitalists, this limited run of 100 copies represents an investment opportunity. If demand for these poems develops, the fixed supply means scarcity could inflate the value down the road.

So order your copy NOW!

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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5 Responses to Now Is Your Chance To Own A Little Ink From The Skink!

  1. Djinn&Tonic says:
    Election Special: Pre-Planned 2020 Election Chaos and the “New 9/11”

  2. Tim A says:

    Not to be down on your art, but I’d probably be more inclined to throw you a little cash monthly for the blog, a la Patreon or some alternative model. If people can pay Don hundreds to be a whiny mean bitchy adult man who makes degrading pictures via Photoshop, shouldn’t they also have the opportunity to contribute financially to intellectually stimulating blog posts and alternative ways of holding government accountable since the MIssoulian refuses?
    Maybe something to consider so you’re not as reliant on the corporate masters of Google Adwords etc. I have a friend that uses SubscribeStar if you prefer a less fascist avenue than Patreon.

    • thanks for the feedback, tomorrow’s post will be an open thread on free speech. Greenwald just went to substack after resigning from the Intercept, which he CO-FOUNDED. the censorship right now is insane.

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