If You Think Lockdowns Are Justified You Are Wrong

by William Skink

My kids won’t be going to school today. They won’t be going to school AT ALL this week, OR next week because some staff at Target Range have tested positive for the dreaded Covid.

In the presidential debate last week, Trump argued against lockdowns. My wife was very unhappy to find herself AGREEING with some of the things Trump was saying because she understands the alchemical effect of Trump’s mouth and how anything that emits from it is immediately poisoned, regardless of accuracy.

Since we’re entering into Joe Biden’s DARK WINTER, with the SECOND WAVE rolling over us in a tsunami of bullshit PCR testing, it might be helpful to take a look at how one man went from preparing for the zombie apocalypse to a lockdown-skeptic.

First, Mark Jeftovic recalls the context at the beginning of the year that justified the lockdowns:

I began monitoring the reports of a new virus emerging out of China in January. On January 23rd I emailed a friend advising him to go out the next day and pick up some N95 masks. By the first week of February I was stocking up on food, medical supplies, cash, and weapons while advising friends and family to do the same. I was bracing for a full breakdown of the global supply chain and a collapse of the global economy.

Based on early reported numbers of an R0 around 3.1 with an IFR of 5%, it looked like we’d see doubling times of 15 days. By March all three levels of government, city, province and national were reporting case rates and fatalities daily. I put together a spreadsheet and using those numbers as a model I forecasted Toronto to have 1.7M cases by the end of June. If the IFR really was 5%, or even 3%, it would mean between 51,000 and 136,000 fatalities.

This was terrifying, so as the world started locking down, it seemed to make sense.

Like many people in the grips of pandemic panic, Mark stocked up on things like food and weapons. But as the data kept coming in, the real contours of the pandemic started coming into focus.

But then, a curious thing happened. The rate of change in infections and fatalities started coming down, drastically.

By June it was clear to anybody following the data that this was, at least for now, largely in the rearview mirror. I had been in touch with an old friend who now ran IT for several hospitals. In January he was trying to get administrators to take COVID seriously. By May, they had built 4 additional ICU wards across their hospitals and they were sitting empty. Worse, resources were being denied to other medical uses. He was beginning to wonder if maybe this wasn’t going to be as bad as we both originally thought.

Then, over the summer despite the clear slowdown in the severity of the pandemic, the policy response to it intensified. And then it all became political. Questioning the efficacy of continuing the lockdowns became associated with being alt-right. Pro-Trump. Or worse. A Narrative War ensued. If you questioned official policy, you got deplatformed.

The loudest, most obnoxious lockdown Nazis think they are following “the science” and “the data”, but they are not. They are instead casualties of a narrative war that the anti-lockdown proponents are losing. For more helpful insights, Mark the skeptic shares the highlights from biological engineer Ivor Cummins, who shared his findings on this podcast:

We should not have locked down over the summer. With cases and fatalities down it was the ideal time to let the virus spread amongst the low risk population to get further toward herd immunity.

Forcing mask wearing at the nadir of the pandemic (the summer) was a flawed policy that leaves no exit strategy. We’re basically in masks forever now.

40 years of published science indicates that masks (especially surgical and cloth masks, as opposed to N95) don’t make much of a difference when it comes to these types of pathogens, but four or five hastily rushed papers from over the summer of this year say otherwise.

The argument against pursuing a herd immunity strategy because of the so-called “long timers”, people who get COVID, and experience ongoing, long term and possibly life long effects is not a compelling argument. Statistically these cases are low, but more importantly they are not unique to COVID-19. We always have these edge cases with long term effects in seasonal flus and other diseases.

The fatality curve is playing out along established patterns regardless of whether their were lockdowns or not.

The first lockdown was understandable. A second one is completely unjustified.

Unfortunately, none of this matters. Too many people in this country are in a state of neurological lockdown and there’s no freeing their minds, not even with “the science” and “the data”.

Even worse, these lockdown Nazis truly believe they are doing this for the good of everyone, and no amount of social misery, like suicide, addiction and domestic abuse, will cut through the malaise of their fear-fog.

So go ahead and shut down all the schools and all the bars and all the places us herd mammals like to socialize. Force restaurants to cut their business in half while they are still expected to pay FULL RENT. Force us to wear face diapers until that Bill Gates vaccine is ready while studiously avoiding information that could help bolster healthy immune systems, like taking vitamin D and getting plenty of sleep and exercise.

And if anyone objects to any of this, just label them alt-right Trump supporters, then go back to cowering in fear while you wait for that hair-sniffing grandpa with cottage cheese for brains to save you.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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  1. Big Swede says:

    We must flatten the curve, so.

    Just wear the mask.
    Just let us track your location.
    Just take the vaccine.
    Just give up your guns.
    Just get in the boxcar.

  2. Djinn&tonic says:

    Covid-19 and the Political Utility of Fear

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