What To Expect At Reptile Dysfunction As Fall Comes Knocking…

by William Skink

My ability to write posts day after day is, in part, a result of leaving my paid employment earlier this year to try something different (don’t worry, this is not a precursor to a money ask).

Isn’t funny how one can make plans about a life change that was going to include in-person art performance pieces and strange toy cut-up sculptures, just to have a pesky pandemic turn the world upside down, isn’t it?

While I’ve been rethinking and adapting and going where certain leads are taking me, one thing I’d like to do is to more formalize the posting schedule here at RD.

I am going to try and maintain what has become a morning posting routine, with local-ish issues getting most of my attention Monday through Friday.

Saturdays I’d like to dedicate to more artistic-focused posts, whether that’s a William Skink poem, or something else.

Sundays will be more heady material, like spiritual/metaphysical/philosophical topics and explorations. For example, tomorrow’s post will be a continued look at Jasun Horsley’s work, author of The Vice of Kings and Prisoner of Infinity.

Since it’s Saturday, I have both a poem and a song by the Gorrilaz for your enjoyment. The theme is DEMON (author’s note: as our political rhetoric gets more absurd I’m going to be tempted to write increasingly obscene verses, so readers beware).



partisans in masks
will do most anything
to smear opposition
like guilt associating

first, find a nut
a doctor tied to Trump
who claims fucking demons
makes cysts appear on cunts

it’s such an easy trick
what can skeptics do?
any energy spent
means they win, you lose

so mask up, motherfuckers
there’s nothing you can say
accept their fabric dogma
or die like Herman Cain

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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