William Skink Needs To Update His OS

by William Skink

If I say what is happening right now isn’t about race, that is not the same thing as saying racism doesn’t exist.

Racism exists, America is a deeply racist nation, and white people like myself have benefited from this racism in numerous ways.

What I am trying to say is there has been trouble with my operating system. The most recent update hasn’t taken yet. The residual fear of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC where MILLIONS WILL DIE if we don’t LOCKDOWN NOW still needs to be written over with new code directing me to join thousands in protest against white supremacy.

Public officials are trying to help me, but the result is I’m just more confused. Why are small gatherings over 12 people still banned but protests of 100 people are ok?

Residents of Contra Costa County, Calif. are forbidden from hosting anything more than “small outdoor social gatherings,” but they are allowed to gather in “protests of up to 100,” according to new coronavirus health rules promulgated this week.

A press release from county officials earlier this week stipulated that county residents can “hang out with small groups of loved ones starting June 3.” In that same release, authorities said that the new health order “permits protests of up to 100 people.”

On the county website, health officials offer more detailed explanations for both of those stipulations.

“People may now have small outdoor gatherings,” the site states. “These gatherings should only include household ‘support bubbles,’ meaning a stable group of up to 12 people who engage in activities typical of members of the same household, such as carpooling, transporting children, childcare, family recreation and religious services.”

“Participants are strongly encouraged to maintain social distancing, wear face coverings, cover coughs and sneezes, wash hands frequently, and stay home if they are sick,” it continues.

While that little spinning icon goes round and round, keeping me stuck in limbo, I’m left to marvel at the plandemic.

Yes, I added the “l” because to me it is quite clear that deceitful hype and deeply flawed models were used to justify a lockdown that will now be the scapegoat for the financial crisis that triggered the largest looting of the public coffers in human history.

What is happening right now isn’t about race. And what is happening right now will not produce justice.

There is a woman out there living a free and fabulous life. Not many people are thinking about this woman right now, or the thousands of girls she has trafficked for powerful people.

Who is speaking up for the victims of this monster? Who is demanding justice for the thousands and thousands of girls who were procured and passed around for sexual exploitation and blackmail purposes?

After a bunch of clever EPSTEIN DIDN’T KILL HIMSELF memes, Americans allowed corporate media to memory-hole the evidence of criminal sexual depravity connecting princes, prime ministers, and a current and former president.

If Americans were like Belgians, there would have been street protests years ago demanding justice for the thousands of victims of this elite pedophile ring. That is what happened in 1996 when Belgians realized the scope of their child sex scandal. This from the New York Times:

Tens of thousands of Belgians gathered in the heart of Brussels today, waving white balloons and white flowers in a popular outpouring of anger and frustration over a widening child sex scandal.

The ”White March,” as it was called by organizers, was one of the largest in the country’s recent history, drawing some 275,000 Belgians and supporters from neighboring countries, the police said.

It capped a week of spontaneous protests that erupted after Belgium’s highest court removed a magistrate widely seen as a hero in the scandal, Jean-Marc Connerotte, from investigations into a pedophile and child pornography ring. So far, 13 people have been charged in the case, which involves the kidnapping, sexual abuse and killing of several children, with at least seven young girls still missing.

Why didn’t Americans act like Belgians when the Jeffrey Epstein case exposed the vast, systemic corruption of our criminal justice system? Why didn’t the Trump resistance use Trump’s connections to Epstein to damage him politically?

And, most importantly, why is Ghislaine Maxwell still a free woman?

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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13 Responses to William Skink Needs To Update His OS

  1. olbossy says:

    Actually your OS is outdated and has the sick Cynic virus.

    You see ….because of your geographic isolation, white privilege and white ignorance the psycho-intellectual paranoid garbage you write daily demands psychiatric attention.

    A puff or pill relieve your stress. In the meantime..run from your keyboard!

    -a fellow Missoulian from Cleveland

    • I see, you won’t answer my questions about whether or not you are connected to Hoyt Homes, and you won’t say whether or not you have benefited in any way from public TIF money, but you will keep making comments intended to call my credibility and sanity into question.
      I take defamation of my character seriously, olbossy. I have your email address, which means I can find out who you are. the accurate part of your comment is that I am privileged. I am even privileged enough to be represented by quality counsel in Missoula.
      I am trying to move forward a project as a way to replace my lost income from not having a job. if you threaten that I will sue you, am I making myself clear to you?

      • Pete Talbot says:

        Your hypocrisy is unbelievable. You have continually criticized my one legal warning to Strandberg when he wrote a much more libelous statement about me (which you followed up with a two-week headline calling me a “likely drunk”). But then you immediately threaten a lawsuit when someone slights you. You will find, of course, that like me, you have made yourself a public figure and short of proving actual malice, have very little recourse. So, how’s it feel?

        • I knew you would stop by to call me a hypocrite. claiming someone needs psychiatric attention is not the same thing as speculating on a bourbon enthusiast’s level of intoxication when he makes late night comments. people who require psychiatric attention can be involuntarily held for 72 hours. people who love bourbon too much just need to go the fuck to sleep.

          now, because I did speak to a lawyer when you were throwing your little tantrum, I understand how difficult proving malice would be. I don’t want to waste my time and energy to find out who this olbossy is and if he’s a buddy of Checota trying to retaliate. I hope that’s not the case.

        • Pete Talbot says:

          It’s exactly the same. You believe someone is impugning your reputation, just like you and Strandberg damaged mine. If psychiatric attention and alcohol addiction don’t deserve the same libelous label, I don’t know what does. Keep trying to justify your hypocrisy, Skink.

        • I’m ok with having to appear like a hypocrite in order establish the kind of shit I am not willing to put up with. why do you think I have a signed apology letter from a city council member in my safe? I’m not going to be intimidated into not exposing what I can about the corruption in this town.

          anyway, did you see how the people you called white terrorists ended up making nice with protestors? are you disappointed they didn’t commit the acts of violence that would have validated your labeling of them as terrorists?

        • Pete Talbot says:

          Again, so how does it feel when someone impugns your reputation?

          As to the militia guys “making nice” with the protesters – you should go ask them how comfortable they are with armed men encircling the courthouse. Were you there Tuesday night, Skink, to watch the the heavily armed white men, and some women, ripping by the courthouse in their pickups, shouting at the protesters and waving Trump, Confederate and American flags? I didn’t think so. I was. And thanks for the lesson in definitions but if we go by your terrorist dictionary quote, “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims,” then my use of “white terrorists” applies. While I’m not sure any of the antics rose to the level of a felony, and there wasn’t any violence (as of yet), it certainly was intimidating. “White terrorists” is definitely more accurate than your “counter-protesters” label. As to definitions, your “bourbon-soaked brains” reference to me is a new low. I shouldn’t be surprised though, coming from a blogger who tosses around derogatory nicknames as frequently as Trump: “Drunken Sailor” Engen, “Lord” Checota and “Goober” Kidston. And I’m the “asshole.”

          It’s difficult to fathom all the contempt you hold for me and other contributors at The Montana Post – more ire in our direction than has ever been leveled at Trump or Gianforte or McConnell or… damn near anyone. We must be really evil. And do you really think my humble little post is “increasing the chances (of) violence?” Give me a break.

          I’m done with you, Skink. How does this sound: I won’t comment on the hypocritical and mean-spirited posts at your site and you stay away from the Post. This won’t be hard for me since one of the few recent times I visited you lost what sliver of credibility you had when you promoted far-right, anti-vaxxer Dr. Annie Bukacek’s COVID-19-denying video rant.

          You think quite highly of yourself but you’re really just a whiney pissant who has managed to tap into the angst we have during these critical times in all the wrong ways. Please, just go play with your legos, write some poetry, stock up on ammo and go away.

  2. john mcnaught says:

    psycho-intellectual paranoid garbage ? Not so.Ol bossy , you used the word masturbate in your last post: psycho-intellectual paranoid garbage would be more accurate. Slave -sex trafficking of under age children should be fully exposed. As should any involuntary type of trafficking. The Arabs know all about that. To make a controversy of such statements , psycho-intellectual paranoid garbage is on you, not to mention tacit approval of such barbarous conduct.

  3. john mcnaught says:

    William, Pete. I appreciate the posts on both of the blogs. Keep up the good work. More light and less smoke. You are both very capable.

    • hey john, my mom liked your comment about me chilling out on the personal stuff. I do try to refrain from this bullshit, but the kind of partisanship Pete exhibits is what made Trump possible in the first place, and they show no sign of understanding this, or changing course.

  4. that was epic, Pete, you deserve a slow golf clap for that one. it does sound suspiciously like other times you’ve said NEVER AGAIN SHALL I…

    as for your advice, it is very good advice. I WILL keep playing with Legos, I WILL keep writing poems, and instead of returning the 20 gauge ammunition I mistakenly purchased for my 12 gauge shotgun, I may just buy a 20 gauge shotgun instead.

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