The “Ethics” Of Transhumanism

by William Skink

Transhumanism is a topic I hope to be delving into more deeply here as we transition from a lockdown mentality to the false hope that a vaccine will be some panacea cure-all for our viral fear.

While I have some interesting looking books on order, here is an article from Forbes magazine from a few years ago, titled The Ethics Of Transhumanism And The Cult Of Futurist Biotech. Here is how the article begins:

Transhumanism (also abbreviated as H+) is a philosophical movement which advocates for technology not only enhancing human life, but to take over human life by merging human and machine. The idea is that in one future day, humans will be vastly more intelligent, healthy, and physically powerful. In fact, much of this movement is based upon the notion that death is not an option with a focus to improve the somatic body and make humans immortal.

While you little people might be worrying about things like putting food on the table and finding gainful employment, billionaire Transhumanist tech-worshippers are worrying about the fact they are not immortal and will therefore die someday, leaving their material wealth behind.

The article goes on to detail an example of how Transhumanism is being applied, and it’s disturbing:

Take for instance the recent push by many on the ostensible Left who favor surrogacy as a step on the transhumanist ladder, with many publications on this subject, none so far which address the human rights of women who are not only part of this equation, but whose bodies are being used in the this faux-futurist vision of life without the mention of female bodies. Verso’s publication of a troubling piece by Sophie Lewis earlier this year, aptly titled “Gestators of All Genders Unite” speaks to the lack of ethics in a field that seems to be grasping at straws in removing the very mention of the bodies which reproduce and give birth to human life: females. In eliminating the specificity of the female body, Lewis attempts to stitch together a utopian future where “genders” are having children, even though the reality of reproduction across the Mammalia class demonstrates that sex, not gender, determines where life is gestated and birthed. What Lewis attempts in fictionalizing a world of dreamy hopefulness actually resembles more an episode of The Handmaid’s Tale where this writer has lost sense of any irony. Of course pregnancy is not about gender. It is uniquely about sex and the class of “gestators” are females under erasure by this dystopian movement anxious to pursue a vision of a world without women.

I recommend reading the whole article. Or maybe a poem would be easier to digest:


monkey man can be improved
attributes can be enhanced
listen up, you dumb baboons
time to wear your dancing pants

some of you won’t make the grade
junkie monkeys, fatties, flakes
but some of you know the game
a spot in time before Yellowstone shakes

monkey armies, we play both sides
merrily popping champagne corks
important only that you die
while we eat foie gras on golden forks

monkey man, don’t looks so glum
spider silk makes goat milk strong
and if you play your cards correctly
you might strap on our golden dong

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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