Employment Opportunity Just Around The Corner…

by William Skink

If you are like me and wondering how one goes from unemployed to employed during a 21st century economic depression, have I got news for you.

While our last century had Rosy the Riveter doing her part for the war effort, today’s crisis demands AN ARMY of people to battle the dreaded Covid.

Maybe you used to be Dan the social worker, or Betty the librarian. Or maybe you’re one of the many popular-named Jacksons out there.

Now you can be Jackson the Contact Tracer.

There will be lots of job opportunities in the new snitch economy. As long as your immunity passport shows you’ve exhibited the proper obeying skills necessary for the challenging work, you’ll have security and the warm feeling you are doing your part.

This work will help bridge the transition to the next phase of our new fight, and that’s punishing the originators of this plague.

It will be very important for Americans to focus their anger on an external target, and that target is obviously China.

Just ignore the gain of function research our two countries have both engaged in, and ignore the nefarious characters involved, and ignore the huge profits to be made with a vaccine, and ignore all those problems with that military lab in Maryland, and ignore America’s history of using genocidal germ warfare.

Ignore all that and obey all dictates, no matter how much they change, contradict each other, or make no logical sense whatsoever, and a job will be waiting for you when Skynet goes live.

Your patience and obedience will be rewarded.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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