Notes From A Lego Master

by William Skink

People who know me know I love Legos. I’m the grown-ass adult with several boxes under his arms at Target not for his kids, but for his “project”.

And what is my project?

Before getting to that, if you haven’t heard about the Lego Masters show that just wrapped up its inaugural season, well, you’re missing out. I might sound like I’m getting paid by Lego when I say it actually is a show the whole family will enjoy, but that’s just what it is. Pure Lego building joy in competition form.

I didn’t reignite my Lego building until after my kids got out of being toddlers. And I didn’t start my current project until about 6-8 months ago.

What I am building is a Lego town that stands in as a metaphor for an American town to go along with the fictional story I’m working on. The town spans three tables and is truly something to behold.

The Mayor (special ordered) owns an Italian restaurant next to a car shop and used car dealership. The gas pump is leaking, but the Mayor already spent all the town’s money on a condo project down the road, and it’s only screwing the used car dealer, so who cares, am I right?

There is an old lighthouse (I’m working with what I got) and a school that is haunted. This is the “Hidden Side” series Lego rolled out last year pushing the paranormal on kids. There are also a lot of amusement rides to enjoy.

There is a music stage with a kick-ass band that will have to be named Lord Chectota and the Part-Timers. There is tight security because behind the stage the man in all black operates a special device called the dream-stealer.

Beyond this point the rides get more dangerous. That’s because…DINOSAURS! Reflecting man’s technological arrogance, the dinosaur exhibits will of course fail and unleash reptilian terror upon the town.

The dinosaurs are actually a function of the Lego space program. They are genetically splicing DNA to create a sentient creature capable of withstanding radiation in space. The braintrust is mostly the progeny of all those Nazi scientists America absorbed after WWII.

And then the occultist Dr. Strange has his weird looking house in the back corner. When you open it you find the monster he unleashed by screwing around with things he shouldn’t have been screwing around with.

Do I have fun with Legos? Yes. Yes I do. And I hope to find a good way to share this fun with you. Stay tuned…

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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