Team Gentrify Strikes Back, And It’s Hilarious

by William Skink

Fellow Missoulians:

If it’s been awhile since you’ve had a good laugh I suggest reading Gwen Jones’ column decrying the meanie mailers sent out by some bad wealthy business owners (as opposed to good wealthy business owners, like Lord Checota).

Here are some of my favorite parts:

It is disturbing that a group of local wealthy business owners attacked respectable members of our community with a deliberate distortion of facts in a mailer paid by and organized through a political action committee (PAC) with out-of-town ties.

OMG, out-of-town ties?!? Is this really the same person supporting a 16 million dollar handout to Wisconsin mulit-millionaire Lord Checota? Too funny.

And then there’s this:

As Democrats, we stand for facts, transparency and a fair contest of ideas and values.

More hilarity ensues, and this from a council person who hasn’t seemed too concerned that an important vote got moved at the last minute to a midweek, afternoon quickie by Herr Engen. Jones also hasn’t shown any concern over a serious lack of transparency regarding the Mountain Water litigation, or any significant awareness about her own policy inconsistencies, like supporting open space bonds and TIF giveaways, policies that undermine her stated intent to address the affordable housing crisis.

I like this statement as well: The Missoula County Democrats are invested in assuring our city continues a progressive path.

Yep, very progressive path we’ve been on. Just remember to ignore the road signs of economic inequality, service sector servitude, astronomical housing costs, rampant gentrification and socio-economic displacement.

In conclusion, Jones wants to make sure you…

Don’t forget to turn in your ballot by Nov. 5 for our outstanding, positive and solution-based candidates: Heidi West, Amber Sherrill, Mirtha Beccera, Gwen Jones, Alex Fregerio or Nick Shontz!

Thank you Team Gentrify for the chuckles, it’s very much appreciated.

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I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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