MCAT Dropped Missoula City Council Feed After 15 Minutes…

by William Skink

Quick post. I was watching the City Council meeting tonight with great interest when the feed was cut around 7:15pm. The only public comments I was able to see came from two young men who spoke against Checota’s project, the use of 16.5 million in public financing and the Missoulian’s depiction of what is occurring with gentrification in Missoula.

I called MCAT and left a message. What happened? I guess I’ll just have to rely on the stellar stenography of the Missoulian and Missoula Current to minimize criticism in favor of Lord Checota’s grand vision for the Riverfront, which he has already named–THE DRIFT!

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3 Responses to MCAT Dropped Missoula City Council Feed After 15 Minutes…

  1. Dawg Majik says:

    There were more than 9 people who spoke out against Checota’s development.
    Thanks for all your reporting on this! You helped motivate Saturday’s radio show:

  2. Time to remove the city council and do some house cleaning.

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