When I Lost Hope For The Republic…

by William Skink

Any political commentary that doesn’t acknowledge the utter corruption of our two-party political system is not commentary I can take seriously anymore.

I get why you older junkies just can’t quit the party that has abused you over the years, but at this point your hope that the great orange evil that stumbles across the globe throwing tantrums will be bested by an alternative blue product line is evidence, to me, of cognitive decline.

I lost hope for the Republic when I realized how expertly and effectively Obama conned millions of well-intentioned people who (still) believe they are vastly intellectually superior over the mid-west hicks they despise.

Under that conman Wall Street was bailed out (setting up the recession we’re already in), wars were expanded (but with less body bags coming home), civil liberties continued to erode with drone executions denying US citizens due process, the Espionage Act was exploited to go after journalists, and the power of the executive grabbed by baby Bush was solidified and expanded.

None of that was enough for partisan hacks to lose hope in the Republic. None of the alarm bells that were raised about the danger of allowing Bush’s transgressions to stand for the next demagogue to exploit were taken seriously.

Then Trump happened, and the gnashing of teeth has yet to subside.

Which brings me to this partisan post from the always partisan Montana Post that just keeps beating the self-righteous condemnation drum over one wing of the corrupt wing span that encompasses US politics.

Here is an excerpt that could easily be applied to both parties if the author wasn’t such a blind partisan who can’t even see his own xenophobia in believing the farce known as Russiagate:

I might be losing faith that we can find a way out of this mess. For years, on or around the Fourth of July, I have posted a piece about how liberals love the United States, despite the horrific noise machine of the Republican Party that calls our patriotism into question. The piece has been rooted in an optimistic, perhaps naïve view that, despite our differences, a shared love of some core values in our country might be enough to help us overcome the partisan divide that seems more intractable, more entrenched than ever.

I’m just not sure that I believe that anymore, and I’m not sure what the answer is.

At the root of my pessimism is the troubling reality that so many conservatives seem either entirely untethered from reality, or perhaps more cynically, willing to ignore the truth to suit their purposes.

There is nothing that brings forth the bile from my gut in the morning like reading Don Pogreba lamenting all over himself. Gross.

If Democrats had all the answers and only needed to take the reigns to see forth their grand liberal vision, then Missoula should be an exemplary place where the socially marginalized are included, labor isn’t exploited, free speech is upheld, and blah blah blah.

The reality is Trump has so added to the already damaging political polarization that more and more people have been traumatized into hermetically sealing themselves off from any whiff of non-conformity to their chosen political ideology.

The corrupting power that has long held sway over our political system will not allow a citizen’s individual vote to carry any significant weight. Paying attention to the spectacle while our geopolitical pals run open air concentration camps (Israel) and commit genocide in Yemen (Saudi Arabia) is what extinguishes hope in my heart.

And anything Don Pogreba writes. That also disappears my hope.

Have a fun 4th, America.

About Travis Mateer

I'm an artist and citizen journalist living and writing in Montana. You can contact me here: willskink at yahoo dot com
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5 Responses to When I Lost Hope For The Republic…

  1. Big Swede says:

    “The reality is Trump has so added to the already damaging political polarization that more and more people have been traumatized into hermetically sealing themselves off from any whiff of non-conformity to their chosen political ideology.”

    Obama sent political polarization into overdrive. For without him we never would’ve gotten (or needed) Trump.

    • Big Swede says:

      But fear not, Trump will be our last Republican President, re-elected or not.

      Demographics don’t lie.

  2. Eric says:

    Hang on Swede – what demographics are you referring to?

    Thanks to Margaret Sangers vision, and those abortion clinics going strong everyday, America isn’t changing that much. Look at race statistics, and you will see the old predictions that white people will become a minority in x number of years isn’t going to come true anytime soon. The facts are that minority women are targeted, and have a abortion rate 5-7 times higher than a white woman.

    If you are worried about illegal aliens voting for Dems in California it really won’t matter, especially after California goes bankrupt.

  3. Eric says:

    Oh – Mr Skink – I still wonder why you worry about what Pogie is writing about – you are probably his only follower.

    Both Pete and Pogie know Kathleen Williams is a 35-65 loser, but they will watch her crash and burn before they promote a stronger candidate. You have to admire the blind party loyalty a little, and chuckle as they try to convince somebody to vote for their sure losers.

    And they are going to sit back and watch creepy Joe get nominated too. Just like they were strangely silent when Hillary’s people took over the nominating process last time.

    Just leave them alone!

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