The Persistent, Willful Ignorance Of Greg Strandberg?

by William Skink

Mr. Big Sky Blogger, Greg Strandberg, is either being ignorant or dishonest when he claims that “Missoula Puts Up Drunks For Free For 13 Years”, which is the title of this incredibly misleading post bashing chronic homeless individuals and the housing-first programs that serve them.

Greg Strandberg is more than capable of doing research to get accurate information. It takes seconds using the Google to find out that subsidized housing programs require a portion of income for housing–usually 30%.

The title of the post is bad enough, implying “Missoula” has provided “free” housing for 13 years, but when you get into the post the ignorance/dishonesty just gets worse with crap like this:

I saw two stories yesterday on the Missoula Current that were kind of related.

The first involves a 12-unit wet housing complex for homeless people.

Yep, you heard right – the City of Missoula is going to use your tax money so chronically drunk people can have a free apartment.

In fact, the city is already doing this. They’ve been doing it for 13 years.

The place is called the Uptown Apartments, located across the street from the courthouse.

Currently there are 14 people staying at the Uptown Apartments, and 5 of them have been living there rent-free since the place opened in 2005.

Where does Strandberg get the notion that these folks are living rent free? The Missoula Current article says nothing about the cost of this housing, free or otherwise. So is Strandberg just making shit up? I think he is.

This isn’t the first time Strandberg has made shit up and spread inaccurate misinformation. And this post isn’t the first time I’ve tried to provide some education.

Here are some examples:

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There is lots of good information in these posts because I know what I’m talking about, a direct result of 10 years of experience. I’ve talked to hundreds of people with varying degrees of ignorance about system overloads in ERs, jails, nursing homes, and the ones willing to listen usually came away with a better understanding of what’s happening and how much cheaper it would be implement housing first models.

Greg Strandberg is not ignorant, which makes the shit he peddles about homelessness and addiction more disgusting. He’s very obviously trying to emulate strategies of scapegoating and fear-mongering to benefit himself because he saw it work for Trump.

The drunks don’t get free rent, Greg. If you don’t believe me, call MHA and ask.

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